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The Worry Trick: How Your Brain Tricks You into Expecting the Worst and What You Can Do About It Anxiety Is A Powerful Force It Makes Us Question Ourselves And Our Decisions, Causes Us To Worry About The Future, And Fills Our Days With Dread And Emotional Turbulence Based In Acceptance And Commitment Therapy ACT An Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT , This Book Is Designed To Help You Break The Cycle Of WorryWorry Convinces Us There S Danger, And Then Tricks Us Into Getting Into Fight, Flight, Or Freeze Mode Even When There Is No Danger The Techniques In This Book, Rather Than Encouraging You To Avoid Or Try To Resist Anxiety, Shows You How To See The Trick That Underlies Your Anxious Thoughts, And How Avoidance Can Backfire And Make Anxiety WorseIf You Re Ready To Start Observing Your Anxious Feelings With Distance And Clarity Rather Than Getting Tricked Once Again This Book Will Show You How

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    This is an excellent reference book Most anxiety management books are about you recognising the root of what is causing you anxiety and trying to convince you that it s fine That s ok for a while but it doesn t manage the fact that something else will no doubt pop up and cause you problems This book is all ab

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    Very very funny I listened to the audio book version which I would say is the best way to consume this book That way you won t miss the humour in what he says which is designed to loosen anxieties grip Throughout the book he clearly and simply dismantles anxiety with excellent examples and insights Highly recommended.

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    I ve read so many books relating to anxiety and worry, but this has been the most useful by such a long way Despite having been to therapy for a couple of years whilst trying to just feel my feelings and not be afraid of them, this book has given me practical ways to do that with quick success and unexpected humour My anxious th

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    Buy itChallengingHelpfulTerrifyingEffective

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    I suffer from GAD and panic attacks This book is a part of my therapy and is very helpful.

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    didnt realise how much i worry until i read this book , great advise and ideas to stop or reduce worrying

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    Really useful A great approach to dealing with chronic worries I d recommend this to other people who deal with worry and haven t had much luck with other methods.

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    The core thesis of this book that the worry trick is where you confuse doubt with danger is a great hook for an informative and helpful book I think the book is padded a bit in places and some of the core points are repeated in the latter half But there are good practical guides and tips to deal with some of the most common anxiety issues.

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