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The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual I became interested in HAM while looking for alternative means of communication during my remote hikes I often venture out to areas that have no cell reception.I have no previous HAM experience and have not used other training materials I studied the book for about two weeks On December 14, 2015 I passed my HAM Technician exam.The book is divided into 10 chapters Radio and Signals Fundamentals Electricity, Components, and Circuits Propagation, Antennas, and Feed Lines Amateur Radio Equipment Communicating With Other Hams Licensing Regulations Operating Regulations and Safety.Each chapter covers the material in an easy to understand format, great for beginners It also mentions exam questions that are specific to that section.At the end of each chapter you have the actual exam questions to practice with The book encourages you to master each section individually, take the practice exam, then move on to the next one I started from zero, covering about a chapter every day.The material covered in the book is not just geared towards the exam Even after passing my exam, I find myself going back to the book, It makes a great reference and I highly recommend it.Lastly, when you order yours, I would recommend the paper copy It seems a little useful than the kindle edition.Please make sure you order the right version At the time of this review that would be the third edition. Reviews The Subjects Covered On The ARRL Licensing Exam, And Provides A Pool Of Questions Currently Used In The Exam As Well As Cross References To Answers For Specific Questions Within The Text I find this manual dry and a little disappointing Yes, it has all the info for the test However, all of the references to further knowledge online is annoying and makes learning disjointed I also think this is a reference than a learning book I wish there were practice questions at the end of the sections with applied knowledge or worksheet type stuff vs only see test question Without any practical skill work, you can t learn much It s a good book, don t get me wrong I just wish it wasn t like reading off facts and sending you to appendices and online sources and instead engaged the reader a little Many people don t live where they can attend classes or have time for 10 two hour classes a week two cities over.Instead of online references, I wish they d post recordings of their class sessions This book seems designed to be used in the class than for self study, which is a bummer I get that 2nd graders pass the test but I d like a little than dry facts and definitions to memorize, maybe some great tips and tricks, etc. First rate book It briefly explains the hobby opportunities before getting into the training After the training material, there is an excellent glossary, the complete exam question pool with correct answers indicated , as well as a supplementary chapter on choosing a ham radio.FWIW, I used this book for self training and got 100% correct on the exam November 8, 2014 No previous amateur radio experience and never took a ham class.The training material is geared toward the beginner without being condescending All topics are explained simply and completely Excellent graphics lots of tables, charts, photographs, and line drawings For that reason, I d recommend buying the paperback instead of the Kindle version As much as I love my e Ink Kindle, this is the sort of book that is better in paper and in a large format If you want the Kindle version, use a Kindle app on a large computer screen, not a phone or small tablet.Table of Contents for the course material Radio and Signals Fundamentals Electricity, Components, and Circuits Propagation, Antennas, and Feed Lines Amateur Radio Equipment Communicating With Other Hams Licensing Regulations Operating Regulations and Safety.There are only 35 questions on the Technician test and Morse code is not required Anyone who mastered the material in this book could pass the test without any difficulty There is minimal math in the test and this book will teach you all you need.After each piece of training, the text refers the reader to the relevant questions in the question pool at the back of the book It encourages you to master each little bite sized piece before moving on, which helps to build your confidence in your ability to master the material In addition there is a a link to book specific online supplementary material on the arrl.org website.One advantage of this book over the competing books is that it teaches the concepts rather than just how to pass the test I found that valuable when taking the test I did not need to worry about memorizing arcane material because I actually understood the concepts That really helped to eliminate any test anxiety.Finally, the book teaches how hams operate on the air Once you pass the test, you will feel much comfortable getting on the air with your new Technician ticket. The Technician exam has a new pool of questions as of July 1, 2014 ARRL s third edition of the Ham Radio License Manual is designed for the aspiring ham radio operator The material is very clear and readable, even the math sections Even though you could simply memorize the questions from the FCC test bank, you ll be missing out on a great amount of information that s useful to the new ham operator s pricing is better than the ARRL website and with Prime shipping, you can t beat it.The book is excellent Highly recommended.

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