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The Magic Flyswatter: A Superhero Tale of Africa, Retold from the Mwindo Epic (Skyhook World Classics) My grandsons, ages 10 and 7, were enthralled with this story Each of us read pages and they were captivated throughout The story was neither too short or too long, and the author took great pains to provide pronunciation, definitions, and cultural history A great read. The Storyteller Stands Beside The Fire, Swaying, Dancing, Miming, Singing, Reciting With One Hand He Shakes A Gourd Rattle, With The Other He Swings A Conga A Flyswatter Made With A Buffalo Tail On A Wooden Handle Anklet Bells Tinkle As He Moves Three Young Men Beat A Wooden Drum With Sticks Listening To Him Is A Crowd Of Men, Women, And Children They Sing Along At A Songs Refrain, They Repeat Whole Lines Of The Story When He Pauses To See If Theyre Paying Attention They Encourage Him With Little Shouts, Whoops, Claps Food And Drink Are Passed Around In A Mountain Rainforest Of The Congo, A Nyanga Village Hears Once The Tale Of Its Favorite Hero Mwindo, The One Born Walking, The One Born Talking For Ages And Up Not Illustrated Aaron Shepard Is The Award Winning Author Of The Bakers Dozen, The Sea Kings Daughter, Lady White Snake, And Many Childrens Books His Stories Have Appeared Often In Cricket Magazine, While His Web Site Is Known Internationally As A Prime Resource For Folktales, Storytelling, And Readers Theater Once A Professional Storyteller, Aaron Specializes In Lively Retellings Of Folktales And Other Traditional Literature, Which Have Won Him Honors From The American Library Association, The New York Public Library, The Bank Street College Of Education, The National Council For The Social Studies, And The American Folklore Society Cover Artist Xiaojun Li, A Native Of Inner Mongolia, Was An Award Winning Childrens Book Illustrator And Art Director In China Before Moving To The United States Shepards Ancient Fantasy Series Retells Portions Of Epic Narratives Sure To Pique Kids Interest He Cannily Selects Episodes Likely To Grab The Attention Of A Wide Range Of Middle Graders, While His Storytelling Voice Varies To Hint At The Style Of The Original These Mini Novels Would Make Fun Classroom Readalouds, Too No Dumb Downs Rated S For Snapped Up S C Poe, Route Writers Blog , Apr , SAMPLE She Mwindo Heard The Noise He Went To The House Of His Favorite Wife He Saw The Boy And Was Full Of Rage What Is This Did I Not Say No Sons Did I Not Say I Would Kill Him He Threw His Spear At The Baby Mwindo Waved His Conga The Spear Fell Short And Stuck In The Floor Mwindo Pulled It Up He Broke It In Two She Mwindo Cried Out Aieeeeeee What Kind Of Child Is This Mwindo Sang And Danced And Waved His Conga I Am Mwindo, The One Born Walking, The One Born Talking O My Father, You Do Not Want Me O My Father, You Try To Kill Me But What Can You Do Against Me I actually liked this I do understand one reviewers comment that it was repetitive but many children s ancient stories are I really appreciated hearing an old children s story from another culture We only know Mother Goose and the like It s refreshing to hear someone else s tales It actually felt to me to have some parallel to Moses and Jesus but, didn t actually feel like a religious story Kind of had an Aesop s Fables feel to it. Excellent take and one that I will definitely share with my children Shepard did a wonderful job relating the epic and making it relatable The author does a capable job of retelling this tale Due to the simple nature of the retelling and the repetition, it s probably suitable for children that for adults The author does a good job of providing context for the story. I really enjoyed this book I really, really, loved this story It is always interesting to read stories that kids from other parts of the world grew up hearing about Every culture has their own brand of folklore that has been passed down through the generations.This one is so different from any I have ever read It is about A Superhero Tale, of Africa The main character is Mwindo As he lays in his mothers stomach waiting to be born he decides he does not want to come out as other babies do So he climbs out of his mothers navel He jumped down and ran around the room In his hand was a conga flyswatter, with a handled of wood and a swatter of buffalo tail He sings I am Mwindo,the one born walking,the one born talking.My father She Mwindo does not want me,My father the Chief wants to kill me.But what can he do against me I could say so much about this book to those who are reading this But I do not want to spoil it for you I can only say in the end you will find something that all children around the world want and need This book will not disappoint you in any way.Thanks again Mr Shepard for giving us another enjoyable read. One of Aaron Shepard s many skills is his ability to retell foreign tales in an interesting fashion This kindle book is virtually free and will be enjoyed by children It tells the story of the superhero Murindo who was born with the ability to think, walk, and talk His father wanted only girl children and ordered all sons born to him to be killed The story tells how he was able to escape many attempts to kill him It has an interesting ending Shepard adds an explanation after the story in which he tells its origin and the meaning of some African terms.

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