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Invader Zim, Volume 2 It s very bright Really, it pretty bright We get it, your shining brightly on a dark world Really, it s getting uncomfortable Could you dial it back just a bit Turn down that light already ZIM I KNOW it s you Another fine volume to sit on my shelf, next to, ironically enough, Invader Zim Volume One Funny, huh Collected here are comics 11 20 in another beautifully hard bound book And it s bigger than the comics, so you, know, Dib s head is EVEN MORE MASSIVE It does not matter that I have all of the single issues of Zim, Polly bagged and stored in a comic box No, this is BETTER It Bigger, it s ZIM IN YOUR FACE Okay, it s the same stories as the comics, plus bonus material, but what I love most is that there are no advertisements in the volume, it s all ZIM goodness A 32 page comic has 9 pages of adds for other comics and stuff, which is like broadcast television.This is just the greatness of Zim stories, no adverts, which is like watching a prime membership with no commercials.Order it, order it now It s Zim, Gir, Dib, Gaz, The Tallest, and all the other love able hated characters.It s bigger er, it s better er, it s Volume Two er er To quote everyone s favorite bot You NEED it Bought this for my husband and me lol and it is awesome Very nostalgic and a fun read before the movie comes out We really enjoyed it too because Jhonen was directly involved. I m quite the Invader Zim fan, and I ve read all the comics volumes prior to this one, so of course, I had to pick it up What kind of terrible person would I be if I hadn t Volume 5 is a bit different from the other volumes in that the first four chapters are actually one long continuous story instead of mini stories I quite liked this because it allows for plot development than several shorter stories would The story itself is amusing, but I won t spoil it for you The fifth chapter is some sort of bonus story both written and drawn by Dave Crosland He s got quite the creepy art style, and it s okay, but not my favorite The story is an interesting what if scenario, but it s almost certainly not canon with the rest of the volumes Interesting, though.Welp, if you are an Invader Zim fan, know about these comics, and have made it this far assuming you are reading in order , then there s no reason not to get this Seriously, go get it The parcel came quickly and in perfect condition It s a good size, as well as being made of quality material I love that it features all the variation of the cover illustrations in here as well Definitely worth the purchase. It s so beautiful, it s in great condition At Long Last, Another Deluxe Hardcover Edition Of The Invader ZIM Comics They Re Bigger They Re Badder They Re Better Actually, They Are Just Bigger, And Otherwise The Same Comics But Don T They Always Say Bigger Is Better This Collection Of Issues Of The Beloved Comic Features A Hilarious Slate Of ZIM Comics, Including Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy, Burrito King, ZIMZOO, Tales Of Ms Bitters, And So Much Maybe Too Much Naaaaah

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