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Sci-Fu Hip Hop, Sci Fi And Kung Fu All Hit The Turn Tables For The Mash Up Mix Of The Year Cartoonist Force Of Nature Yehudi Mercado Pantalones, TX, Rocket Salvage Sets His Sights On S Brooklyn And Wax, A Young Mix Master Who Scratches The Perfect Beat And Accidentally Summons A UFO That Transports His Family, Best Friend, And Current Crush To The Robot Dominated Planet Of Discopia Now Wax And His Crew Must Master The Intergalactic Musical Martial Art Of Sci Fu To Fight The Power And Save Earth Word To Your Mother

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    Yehudi Mercado needs to be locked away because he s killing the comics game My kids and I are addicted to Sci Fu, a hilarious mix of middle school shenanigans and old school nostalgia that can t stop and won t stop leaping off the page Five out of five mics.

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    My almost 12 year old son had to pick a few books for his summer reading list to do a report on before beginning 6th grade He chose this book and one other This book was wonderful He enjoyed it immensely It was easy for him to read and I didn t have to nag him to pick up a book Overall, for a book that is required summer reading I m thrilled he was able to find one that he loved.

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    Super entertaining graphic novel I bought the book for my children, but then I got to reading it and could not put it down until I was done The characters are great and easy to connect with A special surprise with Pirate Polly story line The 80 s jump back in time is fun especially with Mercado s Spotify playlist listed in the back I gave a copy to my co workers nephew and he is wonderi

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    Not too long I attended a local comic convention in the Chicago area call C2E2 I d been to the New York Comic Con once or twice, but that was small potatoes compared to this extravaganza While there I had the chance to see something that a lot of librarians miss Comics in their natural element Comics from big publishers Comics from small publishers Independent artists And, naturally, panels

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    Sci Fu is a love letter mixtape to all things 80s hip hop that can be appreciated by middle grade readers and adults alike It s a book that demonstrates the power of graphic novels to speak to the senses the colors and lettering, heavily influenced by graffiti art and 8 bit video game graphics, are so vibrant and kinetic that you can almost hear the music popping off the page At the end, writer i

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