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The Science of Science Fiction (Inquire and Investigate) Early Science Fiction Imagined A World With Space Travel, Video Calls, And Worldwide Access To Information, Things We Now Know As NASAs Human Spaceflight Program, Skype, And The Internet What Next Could We Really Bring Back The Dinosaurs, Travel To A Distant Star, Or Live On Mars In The Science Of Science Fiction, Readers Ages To Explore The Science Behind Classic And Modern Science Fiction Stories, Including Artificial Intelligence, Androids, And The Search For Alien Life They Learn How Cutting Edge Concepts, Including Time Dilation And Genetic Manipulation, Influence Todays FictionThe Science Of Science Fiction Promotes Critical Thinking Skills Through Inquiry, Discovery, Research, Analysis, And Reflection Of Key Scientific Ideas And Concepts Made Popular By Many Titles In Science Fiction Each Chapter Features Informative Sidebars And Video And Website Links For An In Depth Look At Key Topics Science Minded Experiments Include A Simple Demonstration Of Artificial Gravity Using A Bucket Of Water And Calculating The Speed Of Light Using Chocolate In A Microwave This Variety Of Resources Ensures The Material Is Accessible To Students With Diverse Learning Styles

About the Author: Matthew Brenden Wood

Matthew Brenden Wood is a math and science teacher with a passion for STEAM education An avid amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, Wood holds a bachelors degree in astronomy from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and lives in Phoenix, AZ with one ungrateful cat.

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