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Working Windows Small edit, the author does address most of these, but I think he should have started the book by addressing them I ll go ahead and point them out now 1 If you have growing children, never start a window restoration that involves stripping paint It is unlikely that you will be able to capture all of the lead and you re going to cause problems with your child s development Even so if you or your spouse happens to be pregnant I do not believe that lead dust is that harmful to grown adults, but it is extremely harmful to said adult s children.2 If you re working on wood windows, chances are the paint on them is lead based Maybe not the outermost layer, but somewhere in there is lead Don t use heat to remove the paint, while the lead dust is harmful to children less so with adults , the vapor is much dangerous Particles in fumes are much smaller and will end up in the blood stream You re also much likely to catch something on fire If you re going to use this method then use extreme ventilation, imagine stripping windows in a wind tunnel, that is where you d like to be Oh and while you re in that wind tunnel, wear a respirator.3 If you re going to use a paint stripper, do not, under any circumstances, use a solvent based stripper indoors It s a bad idea to use them outdoors much less in a drafty box Use something like Soygel or its citrus equivalent No, it s not going to strip the paint as quickly, but it isn t going to kill you either The author doesn t have much faith in this type of stripping, but it does work It does however take a lot of time The solvent based strippers he recommends are dangerous Do not, under any circumstances use them indoors Take the sashes out and strip them If you re wanting to strip the casing with it, find another way Don t risk it.4 Pet s love lead paint It tastes sweet and is everywhere Imagine wanting to chew on something and finding out that not only is the texture awesome, but it tastes delicious too This is how your dog s view lead It will cause development problems similar to those found in children In some cases it will cause the animals to become violent after prolonged exposure We had a neighbor lose a pet because it became increasingly violent and unresponsive It no longer ate or drank and spent all of it s time trying to bite anyone or anything that came near The veterinarian suspected rabies but it turned out the dog had been chewing on wood molding behind the family couch Once they acquire the taste, it is hard to stop.One thing the author does do is avoid using interlocking weatherstripping It is not nearly as hard to use as he would suggest and is much better than sprung brass It is expensive, but it lasts longer and performs better You can even get rid of your weights completely by using interlocking weatherstripping You just have to be careful when making your dado. Older Homes Are Gaining In Value, Especially When The Original Craftsman Details Are Well Maintained, Such As Antique Lead Panes And Wood Windows And Refinishing Beautiful Old Windows Happens To Be One Do It Yourself Project That A Home Owner Can Actually Accomplish Without Professional Assistance This Is The Only Completely Illustrated Guide To Repairing And Refinishing Every Part Of An Old Window, From Weather Stripping, Pulleys, Sashes, Hopper Vents, And Casings To Old Hinges, Paint, And Glass Completely Updated With A New Section On Cleaning Windows I m sure that there might be some useful gems of information somewhere in here but his ingratiating folksy style has put me off trying to find them There are a preponderance of Questions and Answers that start in the style of I m telling you, Mr Window, this interlocking weather stripping is for the birds you ll perhaps understand Even the normal prose is full of rubbish like Ear Protectors For all you baby boomers and heavy metal devotees who never missed an ear splitting live concert, wearing ear protection at this point in your lives might seem as useful as had Napoleon II looked back and said, gee, Dad, you really should have stayed out of Russia Give me a break It is a shame that I can t give it zero stars. If you ve ever lived in a pre 1950 s house you ve had to deal with old style windows Sure, they look nice with their wide wooden trim and lead dividers But opening them in the summer to bring in some fresh air Good luck with that.Whether they are stuck shut with too much paint, suffering from a bad case of rot in the stiles or hard to open because the pulley ropes are missing, it s likely that your old windows need help.Faced with these broken windows, many home owners seek to replace the windows with new drop in vinyl windows We didn t want to do that For one, it s expensive to replace all the windows in the house Two, we bought the house because it is a charming old farmhouse But I know nothing about old windows Hence, the purchase of this book.Terry writes with humor and wit I can t tell you how many times I chuckled while reading this book How often does that happen in a household repair book The book starts by defining the construction of old windows, and naming the parts Later, it gives detailed guidance on removal of windows, repair strategies, where to buy replacement parts and. The author s voice comes across loud and clear, but it s obvious he s fixed a lot of these old windows and there s tons of useful information about all the repair procedures available Some of the procedures are a bit too chewing gum and bailing wire for my taste, but the author is the first to point out that there are better options as well I found this book very helpful when determining how much repair my windows required.Note that I d highly recommend not drilling holes in the frame to access sash weights as recommended in this book it s very hard to get a good looking repair My outside casing came off easily and gave access to the weights without damaging the appearance or function of the window. Window installers come at the public with a good line of hype Many times it is flagrantly untrue I think, almost every time, it is worth restoring the original windows rather than replacing them with new vinyl ones Seasonal movement is one of the major problems for windows Vinyl s seasonal movement is four times that of pine or fir according to the government testing lab that tests building material Vinyl does not rot or is not destroyed by termites it deteriorates They are not made to be repaired, they are throw away Also, the design of the vinyl window is out of place with the period of the home, making them grossly stand out as inappropriate to the style of the house If you are concerned about the R rating, your old restored window, with a storm window attached is rated much higher than a new vinyl window There are some homes,being lived in now, with two to three hundred year old windows still functioning fine These are the reasons to buy this book Window restoration and repair are good DIY projects This book will take you through it. I think this book is worth having As someone that was embarking on restoring 100 year old windows, i saw a number of recomendations for this book as I searched for information But, I have to say, while the book was informative and helpful, I wish it had specifics in some areas and pictures would have gone a long way And, sadely, so much information is available on the internet that you don t find much new in the book I didn t regret buying it But I am continuing to look for other good sources of information. A great book full of relevant and helpful information, helped me refurbish my sash windows and old windows great book Excellent source of practical advice for repairing and renovating old windows Cons lack of pictures focus on American products.

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