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Biblia Sacra Vulgata: Holy Bible in Latin This Is Jerome S Translation Of The Greek And Hebrew Scriptures Into Latin It Was Recognized As Authoritative During The Council Of Trent It Includes A Latin Introduction, And Expanded Apocrypha Psalm , Epistle To The Laodiceans, Esdras, And The Prayer Of Manasses

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    Should be printed with larger letters Like this it is almost impossible to read and if one reads it it is without pleasure.

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    Everything fine

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    Heads up, kids This bible is in LATIN To be very clear, this bible is exactly what it claims to be I confess I thought it would be a little a bible with Latin text and some English footnotes and an English introduction and English annotations This it is not Picture a regular English bible, then picture the same bible in Latin That is this bible Introduction, footnotes, annotations, table of contents

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    I was very pleased with this book It has been a wonderful tool in learning Latin For all of you Protestants out there, don t get tripped up with the numbering of the Psalms The Catholic Bible combines Psalms 9 10 and separates Psalm 145 So for example, Psalm 119 is labeled Psalm 118.

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    This edition is the one I like to refer to for its brief scholarly apparatus criticus.

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    I love this translation of the Bible I think every Catholic should try to learn Latin and read this Bible It really is an excellent translation The notes are magnificent if a bit confusing at first But once you know what the small letters mean, then you are good to go I was a little disappointed with the quality of the book I received Some of the pages had become bent A small issue, however I m very happy with the purchase Thank y

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    This is an excellent bible to have, if you need or want to study it in Latin.

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