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Climate Confusion: How Global Warming Leads to Bad Science, Pandering Politicians and Misguided Policies That Hurt the Poor Excellent stuff.All the nay sayers are continually vilified by the Global Warming industry If You Listen To The Media, You Would Think That Man Made Environmental Catastrophe Was About To Engulf The World And Imperil Civilization From Al Gore S An Inconvenient Truth To Nightly Jeremiads About CO2 Emissions And Carbon Footprints, We Are Bombarded Around The Clock With Alarmist Reports That Disastrous Global Warming Is On The Rise And That It S Our Fault In Climate Confusion, Noted Climatologist Roy Spencer Shows That Fears About Global Warming Are Vastly Exaggerated And Are Driven By Politics, Not Truth He Shows That A Global Superstorm Has Already Arrived But It Is A Storm Of Hype And Hysteria Climate Confusion Is A Ground Breaking Book That Combines Impeccable Scientific Authority With Great Wit And Literary Panache To Expose The Hysteria Surrounding The Myths Of Global Warming And Climate Change Spencer Shows That The Earth Is Far Resilient Than Exopessimists Pretend And That Increasing Wealth And Technology Ingenuity, Far From Being The Enemies Of The Environment, Are The Only Means We Possess To Solve Environmental Problems As They Arise. This is an excellent book but will only appeal to those like me who think that warmism has become a new religion for well meaning middle class white people He clearly knows what he is talking about of course. This book is an excellent review written by a climate scientist on the climate debate, explaining clearly both the scientific and economic issues, carefully avoiding any bias in the stance taken, but clearly taking issue with the position of the extreme environmentalists, such as Al Gore, who ignore the complexity of weather science in arriving at their viewpoint on climate change The author is also very scathing at the position of many climate scientists who solicit funding for research on climate change issues and dish up the answers that the agencies funding the studies wish to see This is a very readable book presenting uncomplicated reasoning of a highly complex subject and leaving the reader to draw his own conclusions. Don t be put off by the title, this is an interesting and thought provoking book written by an open, sceptical but trained scientific mind The author s acceptance of the differences of opinion in the scientific community regarding the degree of human attribution to the perceived threat of global warming climate change precludes him from giving the reader direct answers to the fundamental questions, but rather he provides them with much of the material to get the answers, or make valued judgements for themselves This is done with humour and is intellectually insightful, but without presumption of any kind I would say All in all, a thoroughly good read and one that successfully pricks the bubble of the many preposterous predictions we see promulgated by the media on the subject, but, somewhat worryingly, not challenged by the many informed individuals who know better but prefer to remain silent Recommended without reservation. Spencer is a research meteorologist who has testified before American government committees giving the skeptic s view of global warming His book approaches the subject in a humorous vein, but his treatment is a highly skilled rapier thrust into the heart of the warmists flawed arguments He treats the scientific, economic, political and moral facets of the issue in a rational and reasoned way, and with a writing style that makes the book a joy to read You ll finish the book being much worried by the consequences of letting the warmists take control than by the distant possibility that there is any substance to the climate scare stories Highly recommended for anyone with a desire to see a bit of balance in the climate change arena. An eminent climate scientist presents alternative views and explanations on climate change and global warming Very thought provoking for those who might well have thought that the IPCC s views were the only ones to believe and act upon Well written and presented for anyone to follow. If you re well versed in the subject, then this book is for you If you re only just getting interested, this book is rather too technical in places, so can be hard going.

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