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I have vivid memories of seeing Warner Brothers cartoons when I was growing up Later on I found out the characters were all voiced by the same man The Great Mel Blanc, he has been a hero of mine ever since. Product as promised and delivered promptly I have purchased a couple of other books from the pen of Ben Ohmart within the last several years and so when I first learned that a book about Mel Blanc was on the horizon I couldn t wait until it s release.Throughout the book there is commentary from Mel s son, Noel, taken from an unpublished biography that Noel wrote about his father Noel s words appear in bold print There is considerable detail written about Mel s near fatal car accident in 1961, the impact Bugs Bunny made in reviving him from a coma, and the long road to recovery that lay ahead in a full body cast You ll see pictures of Mel during that time period and read about all the effort made by the various cartoon studios to turn his hospital room, and later, his home, into a temporary recording studio.Ohmart s book features many, many, MANY facts about a man who became one of the most busiest actors in radio, cartoons, and recordsand later added television appearances to his long list of credits.Speaking of creditsthis book gives a detailed account on everything that Mel Blanc took part in from the early days of his career through his final projects in 1989 It s truly a fabulous, unique, and addictive kind of book for those who are not only fans of Mel Blanc but of classic animated cartoons in general, whether theatrically released or made for TV You get a cartoon by cartoon snapshot detailing Mel s involvement in the project, however major or minor it might ve been plus, you get a complete overview of his recording career and the comedy records that were released on him and the numerous radio programs that he either guest starred in or had recurring characters in An entire separate book could ve easily been published to examine these credits but they ve all been collected and presented within this one book.The book is also filled with quotes and remembrances by a long list of celebrities in an out of animation that Mel worked with or were inspired by Mel s friendship with Jack Benny is explored in detail in this book, too The book is lengthy but this shouldn t be a surprise for an actor of Mel s considerable longevity Before hitting national radio in the late 30s, right around the time he was just starting his decades long run with Warner Brothers cartoons, Mel was a feature on local radio for a period of years in Oregon In addition to the written word there are plenty of pictures throughout Some of the images, I assume, are exclusive to the book as I hadn t seen quite a few of them until now.Practically all facets of the entertainment industry that existed from the 1920 s through the late 1980 s, Mel Blanc at some point played a part in Though his lasting legacy is the theatrical cartoons he did for Warner Brothers, his voice was heard on the radio, on records, and on television for decades His voice is still being heardrepeats of The Flintstones and The Jetsons , for example, continue to air to this day on Boomerang Mel played the roles of Barney Rubble and Dino on The Flintstones and Mr Spacely on The Jetsons In each series he also provided voices for incidental characters, too, in addition to his main roles.Everything about the book s presentation is great and the details are extraordinary. As the voice of Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Porky Pig Yosemite Sam The Roadrunner Marvin the Martian Tweety and Sylester and later Elmer Fudd not to mention Woody Woodpecker especially the laugh and on the Flintstones Dino and Barney Rubble not to mention other stuff I cant name off for one reason or another Mel Blanc has richly become the man of 1000 voices as his nickname goes and hes richly deserved it He also sang songs and while some of them were with his cartoon voices others were with other made up voices and occoinally he sang with his real voice This is his biography and its an iteresting read especially since it covers his career as well as his life You should get it. Mel Blanc Needs No Introduction To Cartoon And Radio Fans He Was The Master Of The Funny Voice For The First Time Ever, Here Is The Ultimate Biography, Encompassing Noel Blanc S Unpublished Biography, With An Introduction By Bugs Bunny, Plus A Complete And Huge Credit List And Discography Over Pages Indexed I loved everything about this book, it was both inspiring, and informative, so many great things to learn from this book, 100% recommend this book My grandson wanted the Mel Blanc book for his thirteenth Birthday When he visits, he reads me a chapter I will be 80 in July but did not know who Mel Blanc was He has taught me so much. Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices book, this is one of the most wanted Ben Ohmart author readers around the world.

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