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Arduino Workshop: A Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects The Arduino Is A Cheap, Flexible, Open Source Microcontroller Platform Designed To Make It Easy For Hobbyists To Use Electronics In Homemade Projects With An Almost Unlimited Range Of Input And Output Add Ons, Sensors, Indicators, Displays, Motors, And , The Arduino Offers You Countless Ways To Create Devices That Interact With The World Around You In Arduino Workshop, Youll Learn How These Add Ons Work And How To Integrate Them Into Your Own Projects Youll Start Off With An Overview Of The Arduino System But Quickly Move On To Coverage Of Various Electronic Components And Concepts Hands On Projects Throughout The Book Reinforce What Youve Learned And Show You How To Apply That Knowledge As Your Understanding Grows, The Projects Increase In Complexity And Sophistication Among The Books Projects Are Useful Devices Like A Digital Thermometer That Charts Temperature Changes On An LCD A GPS Logger That Records Data From Your Travels, Which Can Be Displayed On Google Maps A Handy Tester That Lets You Check The Voltage Of Any Single Cell Battery A Keypad Controlled Lock That Requires A Secret Code To Open Youll Also Learn To Build Arduino Toys And Games Like An Electronic Version Of The Classic Six Sided Die A Binary Quiz Game That Challenges Your Number Conversion Skills A Motorized Remote Control Tank With Collision Detection To Keep It From Crashing Arduino Workshop Will Teach You The Tricks And Design Principles Of A Master Craftsman Whatever Your Skill Level, Youll Have Fun As You Learn To Harness The Power Of The Arduino For Your Own DIY Projects Uses The Arduino Uno Board

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    This is a great for a beginner just getting started with Arduino but with some technical knowledge It starts with basics giving a good overview of Arduino before moving onto projects of increasing complexity Unlike some books the projects a

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    This book is great.It arrived today and Im through chapter 7 without a pause, its that good.I know my way around programming and electronics and have played with Arduino, Netduino and Raspberry Pi a little This however has been the 1st book to actual

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    This is a great starting point giving entry into the wonderful world of Arduino If you are the kind of person who wants to make things that can do amazing things in the real world, then Arduino is for you, and this book takes you from the basics through a whol

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    I m just starting off with Arduino and this is the best book I have found so far It gives a nice, hands on and structured introduction to the capabilities of these little boards and it s already proven to be useful I m running a research lab and Arduino boards are a che

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    This is a superb book for someone like myself who wanted to start tinkering with an Arduino and do some physical computing The projects are well explained with a wiring diagram and the sample program I was soon listing components to buy and dying for them to arrive so that I coul

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    I love this book Read it cover to cover, and constantly refer back to it I had some programming experience before and wanted to start experimenting with Arduino s this book inspired me to have a go, and now I can t stop

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    A very useful Arduino primer that is well written in a clear and entertaining style that informs and guides the novice user on the various principles and techniques required through the use of effective and elegant practical examples Well worth getting.

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    This book is perfect for the new user to Arduino It covers some basic electronics as well as most of the peripherals you will want to attach to the Arduino.There are other books that expand on the specifics, but I found this one to be excellent to start with It gives you just exactly what you need to know and

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