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The Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet: Understanding the Ancient Hebrew Language of the Bible Based on Ancient Hebrew Culture and Thought This is an interesting introduction to the Hebrew words and how their meanings are derived Helps one look at especially the names of people and places in the Bible in a different light. A brilliant book into the study of Paleo Hebrew, a great book, a real assett to my collection, a worthwhile purchase Excellent I will be purchasing of Jeff A Bennett in due course Once again a great service from.co.uk. Really good A great guide to the way that English and Arabic alphabets not to mention all other modern Latin alphabets, and modern Hebrew, as well as ancient Greek, Phonecian, and Aramaic have all derived from the shared root of the Ancient Hebrew alphabet Benner uses charts to draw out the diverging evolutionary paths of the alphabets in a very visual way that is easy to understand Most illuminating, for me, were the appendices containing the ancient Hebrew alphabet with translations of the meaning of each letter , and the parent root dictionary which shows how two or letters are combined to create a complex meaning, which can then be further refined by adding additional letters For example, the pictographs for the letters P and D mean mouth open and door so PD means open the door , in the literal sense, and redeem in the ideal sense, for which opening the door is a poetic analogy If you are remotely interested in language and poetry, then you will be fascinated by the ideas and information in this book It is amazing to think that this ancient root language built mental concepts out of the building blocks of physical realities, and it offers an exciting alternative to the Greek emphasis on the primacy of abstract thought which has formed our own cultural inheritance My only complaint is that there are quite a lot of typos in the book, but the subject matter is so interesting that I didn t really mind too much. Well reasearched Good for background. I don t know wher this person gets his ideas from, or how he gets to his final conclusions, but he has succeeded in writing the biggest load of rubbish I have had the mis fortune to read. The Hebrew Bible, Called The Tenach By Jews And Old Testament By Christians, Was Originally Written In The Hebrew Language Using An Ancient Pictographic, Or Paleo Hebrew, Script Through The Study Of This Ancient Language And Script The Words Of The Bible Will Come Alive To The Reader In A Way Never Seen Before When We Read The Bible From Our Modern Western Perspective The Original Meanings Of The Words Within The Text Are Lost To Us Only By Understanding These Words In Their Original Hebraic Context Can We Read The Bible Through The Eyes Of The Original Authors This Book Will Examine The Origins And History Of The Ancient Hebrew Language And Script And Their Close Relationship To The Culture Of The Ancient Hebrews Included Are Detailed Charts Of The Evolution Of The Ancient Hebrew Script As Well As Many Other Related Semitic And Non Semitic Scripts Also Included Are The Details Of The Root System Of The Hebrew Language, And A Lexicon Of Ancient Hebrew Roots To Assist The Reader Of The Bible With Finding The Original Cultural Context For Many Hebrew Words

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