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Ignatius Catholic Study Bible - Judges and Ruth Very satisfied The th Volume In The Popular Bible Study Series Leads Readers Through A Penetrating Study Of The Books Of Judges And Ruth Using The Biblical Text Itself And The Church S Own Guidelines For Understanding The BibleAmple Notes Accompany Each Page, Providing Fresh Insights By Renowned Bible Teachers Scott Hahn And Curtis Mitch, As Well As Time Tested Interpretations From The Fathers Of The Church They Provide Rich Historical, Cultural, Geographical Or Theological Information Pertinent To The Old Testament Book Information That Bridges The Distance Between The Biblical World And Our OwnIt Also Includes Topical Essays, Word Studies And Charts The Topical Essays Explore The Major Themes Of Judges And Ruth, Often Relating Them To The Teachings Of The Church The Word Studies Explain The Background To Important Bible Terms, While The Charts Summarize Crucial Biblical Information At A Glance I just love the way Scott Hahn writes this series is wonderful The commentary is excellent right on the same page as the text very convenient Hahn s usual outstandingly informative notes commentary Only difficulty is that, for group study, you have to figure out how to divide up the questions for lesson assignments per meeting I use about 6 pages of reading not counting notes , which seems to work well for 1 1 2 hour meetings Not all of the OT is available yet but we ve also been through the entire New Testament, which is available in a single edition Same great quality. I love all of the Ignatius Bible Study Series Our bible study has tried to do others also but none compare to these They make so much sense.

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