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The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture Now Available In Paperback, The Green House Vividly Illustrates The Emerging Collaboration Between Stylish Architecture, Interior Design, And Environmental Responsibility This Groundbreaking Book Features Than Thirty Five Residences In Fifteen Countries And Nearly Every Conceivable Natural Environment Designed By A Combination Of Star Architects And Lesser Known Practitioners, All Of Whom Put Greenness In The Service Of Quality Design, And Not The Other Way Around

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    A wide range of house types approaches from all around the world Some interesting beautiful houses, with lots of interesting details approaches Lots of photos drawings It s a coffee table book rather than a technical text book

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    This book covers several ultra contemporary houses featured in an exhibit at the National Building Museum It contains a collection of color photos of each home along with text describing the approach each designer took in creating a sustainable building The book is therefore a catalog to an exhibit rather than a how to book providing construction de

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    If you are interested in green construction like I am , this book might already have been purchased by you for its cover picture alone I am a sucker for good and bold design, and the cover is an excellent example There are a few other bios for structures I like, but keep in mind, this was published in 2005 A lot has changed since then Short span of time I kno

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    Fantastic book with terrific pictures and descriptions, gives the reader a good idea of how different firms have tackled sustainability in very different regions I enjoyed the explanations and narratives as well.

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    Everythig ok, recommended

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    As a coffee table book of high style architecture with a green focus, this is an excellent book Everything is well documented, and there are beautiful pictures of a diverse set of very creatively designed structures I would argue that many of the single family homes break the principal of building only as large as necessary, but that s pretty typical of high end aesthetic architecture any

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