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Green From the Ground Up: A Builder's Guide to Sustainable, Healthy, and Energy-efficient Construction very good Very well written book with lots of good information on building green the book is written from a builder perspective while I am reading from a person who wants to build a new house Regardless, very good information on all the aspects of building green and how you cannot just add insulation, or go solar but how the full package is important One of the reasons I purchased this book was that it appeared to be the most current after reading the full book, it is clear that this is an update of an older book and some of the information seem a bit dated but still relevant It is a quick read just a few days and lots of relevant information so I have some knowledge when I talk to the builder. Excellent book easy to understand and covers a wide range of subjects would recommend to anyone intrested in green matters. As a renewable energy skills training provider we at PPL Training, based in York, strongly recommend this book It is from a builder s perspective rather than from designers one The on the tools approach is straight forward and informative If you are thinking of a green self build project or a current trade s person wanting to get into the green build market then this book is definitely the one to go for. I had no building background and was looking for a book with smart coverage of every aspect associated with house building and ownership This book suits very well.Every chapter consists of introduction, best practices, tips and details to pay attention for There is no text verbose, chapters are short but thorough.The book is good illustrated though at first glance illustrates looked obstructive as they break the text flow.The only thing I wish is the 2nd edition, there can be a progress in building materials and heating technologies since 2008, when the book was published. This book is a guide to help one understand the principles of how to build Green and why It is not a sales pitch for green like other publications with lots of why but nothing about how It presents a variety of possibilities depending on how the build needs to be done and an understanding of what s the best choice under the circumstances for the specific build It also ties the various aspects of the build together to show how one part effects another.I am doing a major overhaul of a property and appreciated the comment early in the book not to worry about going backwards but from where my build started making good choices for the rest of the project With the information I have from the book backed up by those I m working with I have confidence that I will end up with a great overhaul. Love it Lots of photos and diagrams It covers all aspects of designing and decorating your green home from top to bottom and inside and out I recommend this for anyone wanting to build a green, sustainable home from scratch or even for remodeling your current dwelling. A informative book on what to do in designing and building an efficient house.This book is written mostly for cold climates, vice hot climates It has a lot of high level knowledge about a house and the systems that can be utilized for efficiency I ignored the parts that dealt with global warming and energy running out, as they are not really important to how the house should be designed and built They have done an excellent job of looking at what can be done today, and what makes sense to do in building a house They seem to be aimed at temperate and cold climates in the USA, and do not pay as much attention to hot climates, and what can be done in a hot climate to keep the place cool In particular, what to do about windows, and house orientation etc In temperate and cold climates, having lots of south facing windows and the thermal mass for the winter time makes sense What are their recommendations for hot climates, where solar heating is not really needed in the house, except perhaps for a short period in the winter time Good job Interesting and informative book with lots of illustrations and photographs. A Thorough, Informative, And Up To Date Reference On Green, Sustainable And Energy Efficient Home Construction That Clarifies Definitions Of Green And Sustainable And Guides Builders And Architects Through The Process Of New Or Remodel Green Construction, Including Issues Of Site, Landscaping, Durability, And Energy Efficiency It Starts With Clear Explanations Of The Concepts And Fundamentals Of Green, Healthy And Energy Efficient Construction And Walks The Reader Through The Entire Construction Process, Injecting Expert Advice At Every Decision Point Construction Techniques, Materials, And Products Are Thoroughly Explained, Making The Often Vaguely Understood Concepts Cleanly Understandable This Book Gives Builders And Architects The Tools To Respond To Growing Requests From Homeowners For Green And Energy Efficient Houses, Whether New Or Remodelled Homeowners Can Use The Book To Understand The Concepts, Process, And Options, Whether You Re Doing It Themselves Or Working With A Professional

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