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Woodshop Dust Control: A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own System This Book Provides A Complete Guide To All Methods Of Protecting Your Lungs From Harmful Wood Dust Completely Revised And Updated, This New Edition Provides The Latest Information On Dust Control And Dust Collection Products For Amateur Woodworkers, Professional Carpenters And Woodwork Rooms In Schools And Colleges Developing A Dust Control Strategy Planning Shop Ventilation Combining Dust Control Measures Choosing Masks And Respirators Installing Air Filtration Making The Best Of Shop Vacuums Designing Central Dust Collection Cutting And Installing Ductwork Collection Hoods Testing A Duct System Capturing Dust From Portable Tools A Practical Guide To Respirators, Shop Vacuums, Central Collection Systems, Air Filtration Devices And Design, Build And Install A System That Is Right For Your Workshop Fully Revised To Take Account Of The Very Latest Technology And Products Nowadays Safety In The Workshop Is Is As Important As Light And Power First Edition Published ISBN X

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    An excellent book for anybody wishing to install a dust extracton system The maths were beyond me but the common sense approach and basic rules were very helpful You need to bear in mind that this is an american publication so that the suppliers mentioned are no good for the UK However, a seach on google came up with suppliers of ducting and accesories I am no longer Dusty

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    I was looking for this book because I read about it in another Taunton Press publication.It is full of useful advice and is recommended to anyone interested in creating a better work environment in his shop.

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    Very informative Got everything you need to know c

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    Very good book Lots of information I would recommend this as a good purchase for anybody who wants to know about dust control in the workshop.

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    reasonable introductiory bookweaker on design elements

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    Not bad but a bit out of date.

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    I ve been researching DC for the past few weeks and finally decided to buy this book a small price compared to the investment in the DC system to be built , but I was disappointed to find that most of the book is filled with fluff information that most anyone would already know this is a shop vac , this is a dust mask , etc While there are some good nuggets hidden between this 2

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    Believe the other reviews and buy this book, just not the Kindle edition Book is five stars, but minus one for Kindle edition.The page numbers, diagrams, and illustrations don t match which makes it difficult to follow Text is blurry, doesn t fit within the space on the side bars and gets cut off, etc.Enough about the Kindle edition short comingsOverall, a very informative book I

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    Had to saw a lot of MDF in the garage Wore eye, ear protection, and a full respirator Had a standard shop vac hooked up and sucking near the blade Even with the garage door open, there was fine dust everywhere, and all over me So I looked for a book on this topic, and found this one I was debating if I should spend the money for a book just on dust control, but it was well worth i

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    Packed with helpful informationI am new to woodworking, a hobby I ve always loved and wanted to do When I decided to get serious and delve into woodworking, I decided I needed to do a little research After doing a bit wood cutting while building my workshop and storage area, I realized that the saw dust I was generating was causing throat problems, so I decided to do research on d

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    This is a good book on how to cut down on dust in your workshop This book covers simple dust control measures like dust fans and dust masks which are important But putting dust control by powered suction like shop vacs and other equipment makes for a almost dust free shop There are 2 things from this book I have already done to cut down on dust and I have some dust collection equipm

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