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DNA Detective Very educational, but light hearted mystery information I have a genetic disorder and thought I knew about genetics, but I learned a lot from this book My 9 yr old twins will inherit it, and I hope they use it for school papers. Itll Take A Genetics Genius To Solve This Crime In DNA Detective, Lloyd Kyi Unravels The Mystery Of Our Genetic Blueprint She Explains The Basics Of Genetics In Simple, Clear Language, And Reveals The Fascinating, And Frequently Entertaining Stories Of The Researchers Who Discovered Pieces Of The DNA Puzzle As They Learn The Science Of Genes, Readers Will Apply What They Learn At The End Of Each Chapter In An Engaging Challenge Helping A Young Detective Eliminate Suspects To Solve A Major Crime, Based On A Real World Case Meet The Genetics Rock Stars Like Frederick Sanger, Whose Groundbreaking Research Won Him Two Nobel Prizes In Chemistry Or Rosalind Franklin, Who Created The First Clear Image Of DNA Discover Why Humans Are Like Flies Or Mice Than Wed Like To Admit, How To Clone A Sheep, And What Palindromes Have To Do With DNA From Genetically Engineered Pets To A Dating App That Helps Icelanders Avoid Marrying Their Cousins, The World Of DNA Will Surprise And Delight You Full Color Photographs Complement The Text, While Lil Crumps Lively Illustrations Keep Readers Entertained This book is about genetics than it is about solving a crime The lesson of each chapter is applied at the end of the chapter in eliminating suspects in the jewelry store heist.Genetics was my favorite part of my AP Biology class back in the early 80s, so some of this material was familiar to me But there was much that I hadn t known before not to mention that the field has made huge advances since I took that AP exam over 30 years ago The explanatory tone is just right, with just enough levity It does not come off sounding dumbed down.Note that sperm and eggs and fertilization are mentioned, but not how that fertilization actually takes place.This is a great resource for a school science class I think even high schoolers would enjoy it.This review also at Thank you, NetGalley, for the ARC The basics of genetics is explained in simple, clear language and reveals the fascinating stories of the researchers who discovered what is now the history of DNA As readers learn the science of genes they will apply what they learn in a cartoon challenge to help a new detective solve a major crime based on a real world case From genetically engineered pets to a dating app that helps Icelanders avoid marrying their cousins readers will learn the history and current application of DNA.The writing was easy to follow and even entertaining, I would hazard a guess and say the science introduced is approximately equivalent to what I was learning in Jr High grades 6 9 I speed read a bit through the parts I already knew but even for me there were interesting facts I didn t know I thoroughly enjoyed the factual portion of this book it was light hearted and not too sciency, I even found myself laughing out loud on several occasions There are a couple ideas in here that I even want to follow up on with research This book would be great for pre teens and teens who already love forensics and science as well as students who are maybe struggling with science and need a way to reignite interest or catch up on some basics.I like non fiction books, and the description of this book had me really excited I thought it was going to take me through a crime and how DNA solved it, with the crime activity being the primary part of the book The description and the cover both made this seem the case But, sadly, it s not This is still an excellent introduction to the basics of genetics and the facts alone make the book worth reading but the detective case the DNA Detective was tacked on as if it were a last minute idea by the marketing agent to draw in teen readers If you are looking for a book with a fun activity to keep interest, or pictures like a graphic novel, this is not the book for you I received a free ARC in exchange for my honest review. We are homeschoolers, and I m always on the hunt for science books that are interesting and also cover high level concepts rather than dumbing things down to make them easy to understand This book definitely fits the bill This book has excellent coverage of DNA and genetics, with lots of interesting stories and facts The pictures and graphics are outstanding and add a lot to the fun of reading this book We also enjoyed the interactive crime solving, which shows how DNA information could be used in a real world situation.I d recommend this book for upper elementary middle school possibly with some help on vocabulary for the younger end I also used it as a read aloud for my second graders with lots of discussion and they got a lot out of it but we will come back around to it again when they are closer to middle school and can absorb all of the information.Disclosure I received a copy from NetGalley for review Loved it enough I am now buying a hard copy from

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the DNA Detective book, this is one of the most wanted Tanya Lloyd Kyi author readers around the world.

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