[Ebook] Dinosaur Explorers, Vol. 1 By Albbie REDCODE – Tactical-player.co.uk

Dinosaur Explorers, Vol. 1 Trapped In The Precambrian Era Million Years Ago By An Earthquake, The X Venture Xplorers Find Themselves In A Fix By Needing A Bigger Fix For Their Time Machine Rain, Sean And Stone Are Now Faced With The Challenge Of Finding Electricity In An Era Where Human Haven T Even Evolved And To Make Matters Worse, The Locals Don T Take Kindly To Them Either Witness All The Wonders Of Our World S Past With These PREHISTORIC PIONEERS I REALLY liked this book Dr Da Vinci is hysterical Actually, I really think all the characters are funny Along with all the funny stuff, there is a lot of real science in the book There is a mix of comic AND science In between all the comic panels there are informational pages that tell you about different creatures.The story was really good too I liked reading about the characters in prehistoric times and how they are trying to solve the trouble they are in The illustrations were really great They were super colorful and nicely drawn I especially liked the illustrations with ocean scenes The story made learning fun I wish all learning was this fun Please note I got a free review copy of this book.

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