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Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds Very well written, powerful story with a unique character and attitude, which you can feel very strongly as you read about David s journey I agree 99% with David, especially his view that The ticket to victory often comes down to bringing your very best when you feel your worst Page 59 I am truly amazed and fascinated with David s journey and he is no doubt an inspirational individual that everyone can learn from a great deal.However, having said that there is one boxing example in the book, I strongly disagree with on Page 211 212 Imagine you re a boxer, and on your first day in the ring you take one on your chin It s gonna hurt like f g hell, but at year ten of being a boxer, you won t be stopped by one punch You ll be able to absorb twelve rounds of getting beat the f k down and come back the very next day and fight again It s not that the punch has lost power Your opponents will be even stronger The change has happened within your brain You ve calloused your mind Over a period of time, your tolerance for mental and physical suffering will have expanded because your software will have learned that you can take a hell of a lot than one punch The problem with this particular example is that there have already been multiple rigorous scientific brain scan studies done investigating the long term accumulative brain damage from constant concussions sustained over a period of time, especially in boxing Therefore, continuous punches to the head after 10 years could very likely lead to or significantly increase the risk of serious irreversible consequences such as confusion, headaches, memory loss, social instability, impulsive behavior, dementia, movement disorders, speech impediments, tremors, cognitive disorders and depression David talks a great deal about his injuries broken skin bones, heart surgery and his incredible ability to be able to persevere with his enormous will power However, there is a huge difference between braking your skin bones, which eventually will heal compared to sustaining long term brain damage, which is simply irreversible and no amount of will power can regenerate it back to the way it was Just read about these boxing legends who developed debilitating brain diseases as a direct result of the constant concussions sustained over their boxing career 1 Sugar Ray Robinson Developed Alzheimer s disease 2 Muhammad Ali Developed Parkinson s disease 3 Jerry Quarry Developed brain atrophy dementia 4 Freddie Roach Developed Parkinson s disease 5 Michael Watson Sustained serious brain injury, confined to a wheelchair 6 Meldrick Taylor Developed dementia 7 Thomas Hearns Developed dementia 8 Riddick Bowe Sustained brain damage 9 The list goes on.My recommendation would be to ignore the ignorant boxing example, because the rest of the book is fantastic and truly inspiring. For David Goggins, Childhood Was A Nightmare Poverty, Prejudice, And Physical Abuse Colored His Days And Haunted His Nights But Through Self Discipline, Mental Toughness, And Hard Work, Goggins Transformed Himself From A Depressed, Overweight Young Man With No Future Into A US Armed Forces Icon And One Of The World S Top Endurance Athletes The Only Man In History To Complete Elite Training As A Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, And Air Force Tactical Air Controller, He Went On To Set Records In Numerous Endurance Events, Inspiring Outside Magazine To Name Him The Fittest Real Man In America In Can T Hurt Me, He Shares His Astonishing Life Story And Reveals That Most Of Us Tap Into Only % Of Our Capabilities Goggins Calls This The % Rule, And His Story Illuminates A Path That Anyone Can Follow To Push Past Pain, Demolish Fear, And Reach Their Full Potential I couldn t stop listening, the audiobook is fantastic I can t recommend enough, anything I say would be an understatement Thank you, Sir, David Goggins, for sharing your experience and testimony of transformation. This is easily one of the best books I have read this year among esteemed company There are so many lessons to be taken away from David Goggins life His approach to orienting hinself to failures and obstacles can be applied to anybody, in any field.Contemporary culture places comfort on a pedestal Goggins implores you to do the opposite Strive, strive and strive to be the best that you can be Embrace the pain and suffering that inevitably accompanies any effort to transcend mediocrity. The word incredible is overused, but is spot on for this astounding book.I first saw David Goggins on the Joe Rogan show, then read Living with a SEAL I was delighted to hear that he had written a book, and eagerly awaited it Well, I wasn t disappointed it s simply the most inspirational book I ve ever read.Whether you are into physical challenges, learning a musical instrument, or, being better at public speaking, this book has lessons for you Lessons which Mr Goggins learned through the most arduous circumstances, which led to him being called, with justification, the toughest man on the planet I don t usually write reviews, but I was compelled to leave one in the hopes that the algorithm will pick it up to give people a chance to discover this book From a victim of circumstance to serving his country and achieving some of the greatest physical feats on this planet.Goggins battles with his inner demons to become one of the most inspiring people I now know This book is raw and simple It is a story of Goggins yet it is a story of humanity, and the ambition of each one of us to become the best that we possibly can be He gives us the tools to do so and makes us believe we can. Brilliant audiobook Cannot recommend highly enough his interviews on YouTube as well.One of the most inspiring human beings I ve ever been lucky enough to encounter.

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