A Journey Through the Digestive System with Max Axiom,

A Journey Through the Digestive System with Max Axiom, Super Scientist: 4D an Augmented Reading Science Experience (Graphic Science 4D) The children in my class really enjoyed it. These are definitely a bit advanced for early readers, but my little guy loves to have me read them to him Very good educational content and a fun comic book format. The idea of these books is great, but they need to make the book longer with of a plot so that children have time to get into the adventure and learn the information. GOOD My wife uses these in her 5th grade classroom and the students really like them She found it especially useful with reluctant readers. Join Max Axiom as he explores the human digestive system Max helps young readers understand how digestion works and keeps us healthy These newly revised editions feature Capstone D augmented reading experience, with videos, writing prompts, discussion questions, and a hands on activity Fans of augmented reality will love learning beyond the book

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