Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom: How to Create Space for

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Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom: How to Create Space for Danish Hygge and Lifestyle by Cleaning up, Organizing and Decorating with Care: Volume 1 Loved the entire book Seems to be working for me hooray The key concept for Danish Hygge is to enjoy life in peace and harmony Whether we want to admit it or not, we are affected by our surroundings Danish Hygge is about caring, and when we do not care for our surroundings, clutter begins to spread its way into our lives, and Hygge is no longer a possibility The good news is that we can deliberately change this situation When you start caring about your home and your surroundings you will find that you have much time for fun and Hygge Once you know what you appreciate, where your stuff is, and can understand the difference between what is good and what is bad for you to own, you will be free to enjoy the life that you truly deserve Start now and experience the amazing feeling of freedom that comes from living in a home that reflects the best part of you Good advice,nicely written in a kind, gentle way Very inspiring I feel like tidying up then enjoying my clean, cosy space with a hot chocolate Really disappointed in the way this is written, not much wordage or real advice for the money going on in this read I just wanted some different beach reading but instead it was patronizing in the fact that the author just points out the obvious Poor This was a short read but really made me rethink my rituals and way of living It s a book I can pick up and go through again Most of the book is pure common sense regarding clutter and order I learned nothing new and was pleased I had only paid the Daily Deal 99p Makes you stop and think about clutter in a different way I agree wholeheartedly that clutter drains energy and I loved her thoughts and ideas of how to get rid of clutter. This is the best de cluttering book I have ever read and have been able to justify getting rid of stuff Hygge is a wonderful idea and it really feels good when put into practice. A great book I have read many decluttering books, but this is a favourite It is short and concise, and easy to read, and at the same time it contains insights I haven t read elsewhere Highly recommended