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Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain More books for a bookworm It seemed logical that after learning about Vikings, Africa could be of interest and should be known about I didn t get much of a come back about these books, but they were read and handed on to other children. Love this story Linked to topic really well The children loved the repetition and joined in Thanks Y1 just about to work with this book but having planned around it, I am looking forward to sharing the book with the classes They will love it as much as Mama Panya. Lovely book, great illiillustrations. Prompt service, exactly as stated A great read In This Traditional Tale, Discovered In Kenya, A Young Herd Boy Ki Pat Must Find A Way To End The Dreadful Drought That Has Come To The Beautiful Kapiti Plain And Save The Animals That Live ThereAuthored By Verna Aardema,Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain Is A Delightful Rhyming Story Full Of Bright And Vivid Illustrations By Beatriz Vidal The Cumulative Rhyme Is A Joy To Read Aloud And A Wonderful Way To Engage Young Children

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