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The Glow of Fallen Stars: Book 2 (Ventura Saga) Love brought them together life is pulling them apart Seren and Dom s epic love story is the perfect read for fans of Beth Revis and Meg RosoffI longed so hard for all the things that make life life , and I never thought they d be mine But now now they are Now I have something to lose Seren and Dom have fled their old lives on board spaceship Ventura in order to be together They crash land on a beautiful, uninhabited planet, which at first seems like paradise There is no one to answer to but no one to ask for help And with each new day comes the realisation of how vulnerable they truly are This planet has secrets lots of them Uncovering them could be the key to survival, but at what cost The follow up to The Loneliness of Distant Beings, Kate Ling s second book takes us on an incredible journey through love, loss and the strength of the human spirit

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  • The Glow of Fallen Stars: Book 2 (Ventura Saga)
  • Kate Ling
  • 05 March 2019
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About the Author: Kate Ling

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Glow of Fallen Stars: Book 2 (Ventura Saga) book, this is one of the most wanted Kate Ling author readers around the world.

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  1. Paul Tapner Paul Tapner says:

    A young adult science fiction novel Second in a series called The Ventura Saga First was The Loneliness of Distant Beings This begins where that left off, and there is exposition during it to describe what happened before So it might work as a jumping on point, but I would still recommend starting with the first book to get the most from the story The story involves a girl called Seren, who lives on a generational starship, and the choices she makes when face with a conflict of love over duty.So this review will spoiler the first book slightly Another reason to start with that.This one runs for three hundred and fifty nine pages and has thirty four chapters It would be best for those aged fourteen and up, as there are some adult moments and themes.Following the end of the last book, Seren and Dom, plus Ezra and Mariana, have made it to the surface of a planet And there s no way they re going to manage to get off it.So how will they live now They have no experience of planet life, no idea what the place will be like And surprises will await How will their relationships stand up to any of this As with the first book, this is supremely readable from the off It also manages once again to do a great job of characterisation with Seren She could easily be selfish and unlikeable, but instead she is a very sympathetic lead and you do feel for her.The world building is very nicely done, giving a great feel of a totally alien world.It s not the most plot driven novel, but it does have the sense to move the story on and not just focus on the same thing throughout It doesn t really matter that it s not such a book though, because the heart of the whole thing is the Seren and Dom relationship, and this is really well handled They have a few dilemmas to face throughout and their emotional reactions are strong and believable.It really is a story about how Seren grows up, and it s a pleasure following her through that It will keep you going right to the last page to see how it turns out.This does actually end the story The next book in the series The Truth of different stars Is a prequel to the first book with entirely new characters It s very good, but it won t tell you what happens to the characters from this one after the end of this.But that doesn t matter Because this is a very good continuation and ending of a very good story Well worth a read.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Having read The Loneliness of Distant Beings , I was eager to find out what happened next to the characters in whom I had become so interested Whereas it was the detail and futuristic logistics surrounding the mundane reality of a community of humans travelling through space that fascinated me about the first book, and which was perfect to read at home whilst going through the motions of my own 9 to 5 existence, the adventure of discovery experienced by the characters in The Glow of Fallen Stars was an ideal accompaniment to my recent trip to Croatia While they were being mesmerised by beautiful coastlines and sunsets, as well as unfamiliar plant and aquatic life, so was I I even cut myself on the rocks whilst swimming and was imagining the possibility of strange alien coral growing inside me I read the book in a matter of days whilst sunbathing as I could not wait to find out what happened next Now I have started The Truth of Different Skies , I find myself back down to Earth and in the same position as Bea, about to reluctantly go back to work and not being very happy about the state of affairs in my homeland but trying not to think about it and just get on with things Maybe I will end up longing to escape again very soon Who knows where the third book and life will take me next

  3. Blackmadder Blackmadder says:

    In this book we see a differant side to Dom and Seren s relationship They both make mistakes and they don t always deal with them in the right way But somehow it makes there love real and less like a story book fantasy Once I started reading this I coupdn t stop The world building is so vivid and wonderful, the characters each special in there own ways There were many unexpected twists in this book,which only made me love it .All in all a stunning book and a very enjoyable read Well done Kate Ling 5 5

  4. spokray spokray says:

    I read this over a month ago and the characters and story are still resonating with me This second book in the series builds on the first whilst introducing brand new characters and a whole new world This book brought back the thrills and frustrations of first, crazy, intense love and ALSO had me hooked on the sci fi trippiness I found it fascinating and am intrigued for the next installment I don t want to give anything away so am keeping tight lipped on the plot but I urge you to read it you will look at the world in a new way after and if you are like me will still be musing over it weeks after you finish reading Ok, a little bit of a spoiler I swim and tread carefully now..

  5. Trip in Nuggets Trip in Nuggets says:

    The adVentura continues with the second book of this carefully constructed trilogy, wherein author Kate Ling takes us on a journey into yet another dimension with a few liberally sprinkled plot twists and turns along the way Fans of the first book are able to follow the four main characters as they navigate a new world which they enter through a combination of rebellion, determination and a thirst for exploration Underpinning this, is the love story that makes us revisit the good old fashioned values of that young, fresh, true love which can transcend the boundaries that life inevitably generates And when life consists of escaping a 700 year space mission in order to survive on a wild planet, the odds of survival, both in a literal and romantic sense, run considerably lower The Glow of Fallen Stars is a captivating read, and the beautiful cover is strongly indicative of the rich imagery that will stay with you long after the final star has fallen.

  6. Hannah W. Hannah W. says:

    A great story of love, loss, heart ache and journeying into unknown realms I love the quantum physics touches, and the jumping between worlds Such relevance to our modern day crises, and hope for finding a new way to live together, to start again I want

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Beautifully written, gripping, moving and underpinned by optimism about human beings The central character is a flawed, feisty, brave and remarkable young woman who I would love to meet Highly recommended.

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