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Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier Anyone who is invested in the Twin Peaks universe multiverse will find enough in this book to be entertained, just not for very long It s a very slight book The presentation is beautiful, the conceit behind it case files written by Tamara Preston for Gordon Cole is engaging, but it s two hours reading tops.Each file, or less, deals with a different character, fleshing out what happened to them between the end of season 2 and during season 3 This has the unfortunate consequence that the first 80% of the book is pure exposition it s not a novel It s hard to shake the suspicion that these files are very likely the result of Frost and Lynch sitting down pre Season 3 writing and nailing down their characters backstories Again, we know and love these characters so any information about them is of some interest but don t expect revelations.The final few files do attempt to address the situation that Season 3 left us to ponder but again, there are no answers here just a few details and clarifications That s not a bad thing in my opinion, I enjoy the mystery, but some might find it frustrating Equally, some of the popular characters are given pretty short shrift in the files while other, maybe less interesting, ones get a few pages.I didn t read the Secret History so I can t compare the two books but I was a bit disappointed with the Final Dossier Having delighted in Season 3 of the TV series I just expected something a bit weightier, with its own purpose This felt to me like a way to monetise something that was probably a by product of the script development process. The Crucial Sequel To The New York Times Bestselling The Secret History Of Twin Peaks, This Novel Bridges The Twenty Five Year Gap, And Takes You Deeper Into The Mysteries Raised By The New SeriesThe Return Of Twin Peaks Is One Of The Most Anticipated Events In The History Of Television The Subject Of Endless Speculation, Shrouded In Mystery, Fans Will Come Flocking To See Mark Frost And David Lynch S Inimitable Vision Once Again Grace The Screen Featuring All The Characters We Know And Love From The First Series, As Well As A List Of High Powered Actors In New Roles, The Show Will Be Endlessly Debated, Discussed, And DissectedWhile The Secret History Of Twin Peaks Served To Expand The Mysteries Of The Town And Place The Unexplained Phenomena That Unfolded There Into A Vastly Layered, Wide Ranging History, Twin Peaks The Final Dossier Tells Us What Happened To Key Characters In The Twenty Five Years In Between The Events Of The Second Series And The Third, Offering Details And Insights Fans Will Be Clamoring For The Novel Also Adds Context And Commentary To The Strange And Cosmic Happenings Of The New Series For Fans Around The World Begging For , Mark Frost S Final Take Laid Out In This Novel Will Be Required Reading This is a must have book for every TP fan It took me two hours to read but wraps up a lot about series characters and their history The wonderful world of Lynch and Frost is sometimes dark and cruel, but that s the world we live in The only thing that felt weird for me is how Donna Hayward evolved and I wonder if it has anything to do with Lara s Flynn Boyle omission from The Return series I m fine Wow an amazing piece of work which ties in so beautifully with everything else that came before, the series,the film,the return and all the books It s like a missing piece of the puzzle that puts minds which have been left somewhat confused at the end of the return at peace It also confirms stuff that my mind tried to wrap itself around and making weird theories of A must for every Twin Peaks fanatic out there Mark Frost s previous foray into the background of Twin Peaks proved to be an interesting read This book, on the other hand is not as good as read The only thing that I really liked about the book was finding that my guess about the identity of the girl in Series 3, Episode 8 Other than that, the book seemed less well thought out and like an afterthought, a collection of rejected ideas for the first book. A fine addition to the existing twin peaks fiction that provides some answers, detail and flavour to the characters while still retaining a lot of the core mystery This book won t answer everything but some big questions outside of the main plot are addressed in some way Short and to the point.The hardback edition is very high quality with some good double page photos from the third season of the show The small jacket is a little annoying so I just took it off until I was done with the book. Read it in 2 days in the evenings It baffled me how much it reveals about the last 25 years and also about the current season Margaret s letter is also a tear jerker Very different from The Secret History with factual information and less art work

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Frost author readers around the world.

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