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30 Days to a Clean and Organized House Overwhelmed by clutter Ashamed of your home Do you wonder where to start cleaning, or feel like you spend hours cleaning but have nothing to show for it This book, by Katie Berry of the popular blog HousewifeHowTos, will show you how Readers describe it as Life changing The structure and routine I needed A schedule that does not break my back The day by day plan will guide you through every room, every cupboard, every closet of your home You ll get rid of clutter and clean every surface using the book s checklists and visual chartsYou ll also learn how to make your own natural cleaning products to protect your indoor air and keep your family healthy while also keeping your home clean When you re done, the Monthly Cleaning Routine will show you how to keep your home just as clean and organized in a fraction of the time

  • Kindle Edition
  • 30 Days to a Clean and Organized House
  • Katie Berry
  • 11 February 2019
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About the Author: Katie Berry

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 30 Days to a Clean and Organized House book, this is one of the most wanted Katie Berry author readers around the world.

13 thoughts on “30 Days to a Clean and Organized House

  1. Cat Cat says:

    You know when you ve read 1 2 dozen clean and declutter your home books, and you still live in a pig sty Well, my situation wasn t THAT bad Indeed, I ve really enjoyed sorting my place out this year, and pretty much thought I d nailed it But up popped this book, and I was a bit wowed by the reviews For all the help and guidance to date that I d ploughed through elsewhere, this seemed to be a cut above the rest But really Um Yes Really The book is broken down into days, and at first the pattern seems illogical one room to the next, often than not Quite a clever technique it stopped me getting overwhelmed or bored what, kitchen again Didn t happen Further, the cleaning tips were great I learnt tonnes And yes, now my little home is even cleaner and better organised I m truly impressed and have to say I think all accolades are well deserved.Two tips 1 it s really fun and rewarding when what s behind closed doors, drawers is as presentable as the room they re in2 We humans tend to struggle in the m.i.d.d.l.e of projects Know this about yourself, girdle up and keep going

  2. RJH RJH says:

    This book has had a massive positive impact on the state of my house Before, I d struggle to keep on top of things, and then lose a weekend to a cleaning blitz that still didn t achieve what I needed reorganisation With this book, little by little, your house evolves into a clearer, cleaner environment that is much easier to maintain I ve still undertaken some time consuming blitzes along the way, but they ve achieved the decluttering that I ve been trying to get on top of for years I m about two thirds of the way through, and the transformation so far is amazing.What I found helped was making a little card for each day with the key points on, plus a separate, larger card for the daily routine While working through the month, I ve been annotating these so that they work for my house And you will need to adapt the programme a bit For example, there s endless cleaning of the laundry room which I don t have the washing machine and drier are in the kitchen, so cleaning the kitchen includes the laundry area There s very little time allocated to the office, but as homeworker, that s a heavy use area for me, and it needed some focused decluttering It s easy to tweak the programme though less laundry room, office.I ve still given it 5 stars it s as close as you can realistically get to providing a one size fits all cleaning book While I love Marie Kondo, there s a sense that each phase of her programme is massive, while this is much manageable With this book, it s time specific but still flexible if you don t finish the allocated tasks for a day, just use an extra day to finish them and you won t have a massive impact on progress I m about 5 days behind, but the house is still way cleaner than it s been for ages.This book is excellent as it is, but if you put in a bit of extra time to tailor it to your needs, it s an absolute game changer.

  3. freda baxter freda baxter says:

    This book really works Not patronising, no long introduction and even if you only do the first couple of things she tells you, your house life will be better ordered Love it, love it, love it Thank you Katie Berry I now no longer dread someone coming round with little or no notice The book sets out the way to work in tiny bitesize bits That said you do have to do it, the book won t do it for you If you re into reading and not getting out your armchair even for the 30 mins or so a day that it takes to do the things she suggests, it s never going to work But, if you re low and overwhelmed about your house clutter then this book will bring sunshine back into your life Love the way it gives eco friendly recipes at the back of the book too, so you can t even use the i m against chemicals argument not to clean tidy your home Update still loving this book, although the cleaning recipes aren t as good as I had hoped.

  4. Clementine Clementine says:

    I read this book on Kindle Unlimited and liked it so much I ordered one for myself Then I bought one for a friend as well and she too loves it I like that it is broken down into doable snippets of projects and it really is making things much better in my house I haven t done stuff daily as I don t always have time but even doing it 2 3 times a week has made a world of difference I will work through the entire book for sure.

  5. Happybutterfly Happybutterfly says:

    Love this book There are many of these types of books out there but this is one of the ones to buy, read, implement Inspires you to sort your chaos out before finishing the first chapter.

  6. Charlie Barlie Charlie Barlie says:

    Fantastic guidance and routine for decluttering, organising and cleaning your home Detailed daily method with summary charts for monthly routine going forward once you have organised and just need to keep on top of the cleaning Flexible and realistic Added bonus of home Made cleaners that work better than eco products such as Method and Ecover, that I ve used in the past I m a convert

  7. Fitness Guru Fitness Guru says:

    An excellent, no nonsense, sensible, and systematic approach to tidying The best book of its kind on the subject for those who feel overwhelmed by their untidy house A practical simple and step by step approach approach to tidying.

  8. linda thatcher linda thatcher says:

    Nicely organised Most of the advice seems rather obvious but sometimes you need something to get you organised This does the job.

  9. Amaia Amaia says:

    El libro est bien para poner la casa en orden y da algunos buenos consejos Mucho trabajo si lo sigues al pie de la letra, pero tambi n puedes ir haci ndolo poco a poco Lo mejor la rutina diaria.

  10. Spanish Lady Spanish Lady says:

    Have started a few days ago and can already see the logic behind the day by day progress.Am taking time to do things than stated but agree that as I get the routine down pat I shallfinally feel my home is clean and tidy enough without frowning everytime someone says they re coming round.

  11. Mrs. Roberta M. Carney Mrs. Roberta M. Carney says:

    Exactly what I needed to help me become organised and self disciplined, although I am quite sure it is going to take me much longer than 30 days with so little spare time

  12. brenda c. barton brenda c. barton says:

    I wished I had of gotten the paperback version too My little tablet is not that old , but I am having trouble opening it and it has my free kindle and the copy I purchased on it Wish i could just put it on my regular computer and then also purchase the soft book version i think it is a great book and when my tablet is working I have used it a fair amount Great details and suggestions and cleaning homemade mixes Even though i have only done a few days , I can most days notice a difference.

  13. Mary Lynn Mary Lynn says:

    Excellent book if you want to get going on organizing and decluttering Gives you many tips on how to what to do I use one of the cleaning solutions recommended which is very good.

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