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15 thoughts on “Stephen McCranie's Space Boy Volume 4

  1. Brandon Schwartz Brandon Schwartz says:

    Stephen McCranie continues to build his universe in this fourth volume, as always with emphasis on character and emotional development His creative use of pain, loss, friendship, happiness, simplicity continue to impact and impress with many twists still to come The colour and artwork are equal in beauty to the story being told I can t wait to get the entire collection

  2. ilara stefaniuk ilara stefaniuk says:

    I love this entire series so much The characters are so lovable and relatable, and it is very thought provoking and sweet Thank you, Mr McCranie

  3. Shane Kroetsch Shane Kroetsch says:

    He already has the date marked on the calendar for Volume 5

  4. cathy cathy says:

    I loved the beautiful and well thought out design of this book It perfectly fits with it s fellow books on the series You can really tell the creator put a ton of effort into the details and writing I honestly love this comic so much And I will continue to buy these books u til the comic comes to an end

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Easily one of the best things I have had the pleasure of reading Stephen McCranie has a gift for leaving his audience feeling as he says, nourished There really isn t a better word for it In this series the artwork, characters, and themes are beautiful, relatable, and inspiring You can t read this and not feel light afterward I highly recommend for any age Definitely treasure my copies and will for years to come

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    My daughter absolutely loves this series, so much so that she s going as one of the characters These books are good quality paperbacks Great buy for the money

  7. Kymberlye Ruleman Kymberlye Ruleman says:

    Daughter loves these, quick delivery

  8. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    Another great volume

  9. Jandsm Jandsm says:

    As awesome as the rest of the series

  10. B. Cochran B. Cochran says:

    following since the webtoon The book is excellent

  11. Tandi L. Dodge Tandi L. Dodge says:

    Interesting storyline, unique artistry for this teen graphic novel My 12 year old received 5 books in this series as a birthday gift and read them back to back in a day.

  12. Daniel Shaffer Daniel Shaffer says:

    These volumes will always get five star reviews from me I ve been reading this webcomic online for over a year and the hardcopies are even amazing.

  13. Brenda Salas Brenda Salas says:

    I ve been reading this on wontons for a while and just recently realized it was being published in a graphic novel format This story is amazing I m in love with it I cant wait to see where this goes.

  14. Aubrey Moore Aubrey Moore says:

    I really love this series, it s hearts and beautiful art I highly recommend supporting this author

  15. Walshdj Walshdj says:

    My daughters love all of your books Sarah, my youngest, begged me for weeks to make me order this book Both read the webtoon and Sarah has read all of the chapters.

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Stephen McCranie's Space Boy Volume 4 A sci fi drama of a high school aged girl who belongs in a different time, a boy possessed by emptiness as deep as space, an alien artifact, mysterious murder, and a love that crosses light years To Amy, everyone has a flavor For instance, Doctor Kim is like chamomile tea with lemon Amy is finally feeling that she s made a true connection with the mysterious, flavourless Oliver, but their entire relationship is rattled possibly forever Amy struggles to come to terms with that friendship ending and reaches out to an old friend She ll discover that the help of friends from all points of her life makes everything better