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Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years What an incredible read Honest, funny, heartbreaking and insightful Just goes to show that even the happiest and most inspirational people go through huge struggles and pull through Am in love with this book Dame Julie tells the stories of her Hollywood years with her trademark grace and gratitude for the roles and opportunities that came her way Cherry pick any interview on You Tube, and she never misses an opportunity to embrace and acknowledge her great good fortune, and the same is true here A wonderful entertaining read, where true style shines through at every turn of her remarkable story. Absolutely amazing Very well written, even better than the first instalment Love it This is volume 2 of Andrews memoirs, the first volume was about her childhood and early years in vaudeville This book is about her career as a major film star thanks to The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins in 1965 and 1964 respectively It is not as good as volume one for several reasons.For a memoir it fails to reveal a great deal despite this being essential if a memoir is going to be memorable It is terribly polite about fellow actors, a pity because, for example, Elizabeth Taylor was a horror Her husband on and off wasn t much better Her protection of Plummer will surprise many for he made it very clear he didn t relish working with her on Sound of Music.The book should have made it clear that Julie wrote this volume with the aid of her daughter, Emma Julie does write frankly about her two marriages and her failure as a daughter and mother She admits she had psychological help for this one wonders sometimes if there are any actors who haven t.Compared to other memoirs by film stars there is very little probing analysis The pages devoted to filming are the best together with how she had her voice trained from an early age Overall, Andrews comes over as a consummate professional but at times perhaps a little too nice One thing this reviewer applauded, the absence of details about drugs. A wonderfully candid telling of her life told with Julies trademark wit and charm. Wonderful book beautifully written from the heart I felt exhausted just reading about all the work, challenges etc over the years Hugely entertaining and insightful What a woman As an aside I wondered if on the copyright page one of the authors named as Emma Jane Hamilton is a pseudonym for Emma Walton Hamilton was so looking forward to reading this book after enjoying Julie Andrews films.If you are wanting to get detailed information on her films you will be left disappointed The information that is included is public knowledge you learn nothing new , each movie is briefly mentioned.If you were wanting the load down on Mary poppins and sound of music you not going to get it here.The book mostly focused on Julie husband than herself.The book got very repetitive basically make a movie, travel back to Switzerland to keep her citizenship , surprise birthdays, and troubles with her husband.Overall an average okay read but left disappointed at the end. In This Follow Up To Her Critically Acclaimed And Bestselling Memoir Home, The Enchanting Julie Andrews Picks Up Her Story With Her Arrival In Hollywood, Sharing The Career Highlights, Personal Experiences And Reflections Behind Her Astonishing Career, Including Such Classics As Mary Poppins, The Sound Of Music, Victor Victoria And Many OthersIn Home, Julie Andrews Recounted Her Difficult Childhood And Her Emergence As An Acclaimed Singer And Performer On The Stage In Her New Memoir, Julie Picks Up The Story With Her Arrival In Hollywood And Her Astonishing Rise To Fame As Two Of Her Early Films Mary Poppins And The Sound Of Music Brought Her Instant And Enormous Success, Including An Oscar It Was The Beginning Of A Career That Would Make Julie Andrews An Icon To Millions The World Over In Home Work, Julie Describes Her Years In Hollywood From The Incredible Highs To The Challenging Lows Not Only Does She Detail Her Work In Now Classic Films And Her Collaborations With Giants Of Cinema And Television She Also Unveils Her Personal Story Of Adjusting To A New And Often Daunting World, Dealing With The Demands Of Unimaginable Success, Being A New Mother, Moving On From Her First Marriage, Embracing Two Stepchildren, Adopting Two Children, And Falling In Love With The Brilliant And Mercurial Blake Edwards The Pair Worked Together In Numerous Films, Culminating In Victor Victoria, The Gender Bending Comedy That Garnered Multiple Oscar Nominations Told With Her Trademark Charm And Candour, Julie Andrews Takes Us On A Rare And Intimate Journey Into An Astonishing Life That Is Funny, Heartbreaking And Inspiring

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