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How To: THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER The author of this book is obviously one of those people has mastered the art of completely accurate yet totally useless.This book is full of all sorts of helpful advice for many situations in which anyone might find themselves How to send a file By butterfly, obviously Need to catch a drone Take a selfie Randall Munroe has you covered in something, anyway.Solutions to everyday problems are described, accompanied by helpful illustrations, so that with this book you will never again be in any doubt regarding how to deal the problem with a lack of snow while skiing, decorate a Christmas tree which you did not know, up till now, required a rocket , or land a plane from the outside I really wish I d known this before.This book would make an excellent present for someone whom a You like, and who is interested in wacky science solutions to problems most people don t need a rocket or an atomic weapon to solve, orb Someone you dislike intensely so you would enjoy seeing them die in an interesting way from a safe distance.Now, you ll have to excuse me as I need to go and build a moat of lava, which if I follow the instructions in this book, will have the proper red glow The World S Most Entertaining And Useless Self Help Guide, From The Brilliant Mind Behind The Wildly Popular Webcomic Xkcd And The Million Selling What Ifand Thing ExplainerRandall Munroe Is Nerd Royalty Ben Goldacre Totally Brilliant Tim Harford Laugh Out Loud Funny Bill Gates Wonderful Neil GaimanAN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFor Any Task You Might Want To Do, There S A Right Way, A Wrong Way, And A Way So Monumentally Bad That No One Would Ever Try It How To Is A Guide To The Third Kind Of Approach It S Full Of Highly Impractical Advice For Everything From Landing A Plane To Digging A HoleBestselling Author And Cartoonist Randall Munroe Explains How To Predict The Weather By Analyzing The Pixels Of Your Facebook Photos He Teaches You How To Tell If You Re A Baby Boomer Or A Millennial By Measuring The Radioactivity Of Your Teeth He Offers Tips For Taking A Selfie With A Telescope, Crossing A River By Boiling It, And Getting To Your Appointments On Time By Destroying The Moon And If You Want To Get Rid Of This Book Once You Re Done With It, He Walks You Through Your Options For Proper Disposal, Including Dissolving It In The Ocean, Converting It To A Vapour, Using Tectonic Plates To Subduct It Into The Earth S Mantle, Or Launching It Into The SunBy Exploring The Most Complicated Ways To Do Simple Tasks, Munroe Doesn T Just Make Things Difficult For Himself And His Readers As He Did So Brilliantly In What If , He Invites Us To Explore The Most Absurd Reaches Of The Possible Full Of Clever Infographics And Amusing Illustrations, How To Is A Delightfully Mind Bending Way To Better Understand The Science And Technology Underlying The Things We Do Every Day As a regular reader of xkcd.com and a fan of previous books What If and especially Thing Explainer a book which taught me stuff that I ought to know about science than any other single book I ve ever read this book was definitely on my Christmas wishlist already.It carries on in a similar vein to What If , except for the simple shift in concept it s no longer the initial premise that s absurd, the premise is realistic and it s the solution that follows that is a fantastic feat of extreme science misapplication and whimsy Brace yourself for snow scoops that scoop up the snow behind you and place it in front of you, so you can ski anywhere, or the idea of holding a 4 mile long selfie stick directly upwards so you can picture yourself and Jupiter in the same selfie It s time to think about the weight problems of moving house as in, moving your entire house by helicopter, or how many extra keys you d need to add on the ends of a piano to go beyond the range of human hearing.It s funny, and it s not just funny for scientists I wouldn t class myself as a scientist I think the endorsement by Neil Gaiman is apt, as it will appeal to anyone with a sense of wonder, who can look at everyday problems and appreciate the beauty and imagination in some seriously over the top yet somehow logical conclusions.One of the great things about this book is that you can read it two ways I imagine I should try and make a joke here, but I won t You can read it properly, text and illustrations, in order, in numerical page order, and enjoy going on nicely bite sized flights of fancy Each chapter is around 10 to 15 pages, give or take, so it s perfect coffee table or night time reading material that doesn t require you to remember anything Alternatively, you can dip into it even quickly and just enjoy the illustrations, XKCD style, and even a ten second dip at a random page lets you come out smiling as well.Also, almost sneakily, there s actual science facts that get fed to you while you read Because the talk of power to weight ratios and frequencies and so on is grounded in our real world, you can t help but pick up some bits and pieces as you go along It s not as overtly educational as Thing Explainer , nor is it as accessible to my young kids, but there s certainly some educational value that s snuck in here, even if it s not cool to admit it.There are occasional pop culture references which don t always land for a UK audience compared to a US audience, but most of it is so broad how to tell if you re a nineties kid , Friends references and so on that I don t think there was anything I really didn t get Or if there was, I was too stupid to realise it.This stuff ought to be required reading as part of secondary school science classes I don t think I can pretend that it makes science cool, but it does make it absolutely hilarious and that s worth a lot. I got this for my teenage son who loves maths, physics and particularly any absurd science type stuff He s read What If also by Randall Munroe multiple times, and still reads it occasionally when he fancies a chuckle.This book follows in a similar vein to What If If you re after a serious, science filled, brain boggling tome then this probably isn t for you Your brain may well get boggled and there is quite a lot of science in therebut serious it is not For example, when someone tells you that there are efficient ways to get energyfor instance, why not create a tiny black hole , you may start to get the impression that this isn t the most practical of science texts.My son read this book in one sitting and, at times, was laughing almost to the point of crying He s now going to pass it onto his grandad, similarly science minded , who I m sure will also love it What a gift Mr Munroe has to be able to make science so much fun How To has the best disclaimer of any book I have read He likes it when things catch fire or explode, which means he doesn t have your best interests at heart Its a fair warning as How to carries out a series of thought experiments that are easy to follow alone Between the covers you will find a discussion on the optimum way to open bottles of water with atomic weapons and melting the ice caps in the attempt to fill a swimming pool at the last minute and that is the first chapter.After that there are flowcharts helping you plan travel, chapters on how to make a lava moat around your house or how to charge your phone in the airport when you can t find a socket All the madness is augmented by the XKCD style stick figures When you do read it its worth getting to the last page even if you skip the references section, to get to how to change a lightbulb My nieces have a set of all the science books by Randall Munrow and evidently devoured them How To follows on in that tradition it has child friendly ideas some sensible, some supervillain esque and is a great introduction to the use of thought experiments to solve problems Even if we did solve most of them years ago This book is hilarious I have read his XKCD online comic for many years and this is an extension of the smary, crazy, slightly nerdy comic Loved it Interesting

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How To: THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER book, this is one of the most wanted Randall Munroe author readers around the world.

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