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Finding My Voice: Nadiya’s honest, unforgettable memoir A Revelatory Honest Read She Writes With Clear Eyed Insight There S No Doubt That The Book Will Make An Impact And Enable Young Girls To Question The Boxes Society Places Them In And To Dream Bigger Than The Previous Generation Thought Possible YOU Magazine A Tale Of Honesty And Joy From One Of Britain S Most Influential Women In This Memoir, She Writes Openly And Comfortingly About The Mental Health Issues We All Face StylistFUNNY, HEART WRENCHING, GENEROUS AND TRUE, IN FINDING MY VOICE NADIYA HUSSAIN SHARES THE UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES AND EXPERIENCES THAT HAVE MADE HER THE WOMAN SHE IS TODAYI Am Writing This For Everyone Who Was Told No No, You Are Not Rich Enough No, That Is Not Credible No, You Can T No, You Won T No, You Are Not Allowed No, That Is Not AppropriateI Was Told, No, You Do Not BelongFinally, I Am Saying, Yes, I Do From The Moment Nadiya Hussain Was Born, She Has Been Questioning Her Role In Life But The Irony Is, She Never Wanted To Be A Trailblazer She Just Wanted To Follow A Normal Path But Life Kept Telling Her You Can T And So She Found Her Own Way, Beyond Anything She Dared To DreamIn This Wise, Witty, Open Hearted Book, Nadiya Lets Us Into Her Life And, For The First Time, Shares The Memories And Experiences That Have Shaped Her Into The Woman And Role Model That She Is Today, Alongside Her Personal Recipes And The Stories They Tell A National Treasure Independent She S Baked Her Way Into Our Hearts And Hasn T Stopped Since Prima One Of Our Favourite Ever Bake Off Winners Sunday Mirror

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    I ve been waiting for this book to come out for some time, I m a huge fan of Nadia although I m not the best cook so I ve been waiting for a biography type book from her.Like Nadia, I ve sufferered with anxiety for years and can t imagine being able to do things she s done so I was really interest

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    Charming and insightful aa ccck rre gt hh ds hh uh y f S g f h g h f

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    Loved reading the book definitely recommend.

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    This is a story of a modern British Bangaladeshi woman.filled with frenetic living, love, family, responsibilities and traditions Nadiya s reading of her memories is totally charming it can be exhausting to hear her life pouring out of her, but she has obvously found a joy in writing and the chance to publish these memoirs and

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    Very funny in places sad in some places and heartbreaking in others Thank you for sharing Nadiya God bless you.

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    Reading and laughing Some bits are personal, but she has chalm and wit.

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    Reading this autobiography I felt as though I could really hear Nadiya s voice With humour and wry honesty she explores the many different roles in her life as a British Muslim woman I was very moved by the unflinching way Nadiyah writes about the conflicts of motherhood, culture and celebrity A beautiful, insightful read.

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