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Perfect not only for kids who can read but also for parents to read to their children The illustrations are incredible and particularly fun Drew Pendous And The Camp Color War is a short chapter and comic book rolled into one a smart way to keep younger kids attention Our six year old likes reading this his first introduction with the book s characters was through YouTube, so he was excited to see them in book form The story line is one he and most other kids can relate with camp life, and in particular camp games On the last day of camp, the Cool School crew competes for colors against Cruel School, a group notorious for cheating When a nemesis to both groups steals everyone s colors, they must combine forces to gain back each school s colors but can they work together This is a fast paced book that we first read together that made the second reading solely by our six year old a little easier and a rewarding experience. Cool School is a popular kid s YouTube channel Main character the Stupendous Drew Pendous carries a magic pen, his Pen Ultimate Anything he draws with it changes from drawing to real Drew, with his friends and teachers are often in conflict with the students and faculty of Cruel School, including Drew s evil twin, Ray Blank Ray has a magic eraser that can make anything disappear In Drew Pendous and the Camp Color War, the first book of the series, Drew and company are enjoying summer at Camp Cool School and looking forward to a color war with the camp across the lake Drew s team is blue and the other camp s team is red When the other camp s team arrives surprise it is the staff and students of Camp Cruel School Their leader, Dean Mean, demands that his students cheat to win In the midst of a dodge ball show down, an intruder appears It s Gracy Cale Gray scale ha , a super villain who wants to take all the colors for herself She turns the red and the blue team into the Gray team Gasp Can Drew and his friends and maybe his enemies defeat Grace and get their colors back Read this full color hybrid chaper book graphic novel and find out A fun story for newly independent readers. I got this for my 5 year old He seemed to like it, but I m not so keen on it There are two reasons for me not liking it First, the good and bad are so exaggerated that I thought it was a bit dopey Second, I didn t like reading it to him and it wasn t very interesting for me, but since it s a book for an age range where some kids can read on their own, that might or might not be an issue The recommended age is ages 5 to 9, or Kindergarten to 4th grade s Look Inside for this book gives plenty of pages to get a feel for what the reading level is Layouts are a mix of paragraphs and illustrations, mixed with speech bubbles and traditional comic book layouts.Cool School is a YouTube series, and this is a comic book adaptation of one of the episodes in the series I have two kids who are an age ages 3 and 5 to be very eager to get to YouTube and to appreciate a comic book like this Neither had heard of Cool School, or the main character Drew Pendous, or anything related to this Just saying, since often the 5 year old will point at various things related to apps, TV shows, or video games and know what they are from kids passing things around and talking at school.While it s a series, the characters are basically pretty simple, so it s fine to start on this book which is not the first in the series Essentially, Drew Pendous is the good guy of the story He has a a magic pen which can draw things that then become real His evil twin , Ray Blank, a boy who looks like him, has a magic eraser that can erase things from real life Each has a crew of classmates and teachers from their school Drew goes to Cool School Ray goes to Cruel School Each of Drew s friends and camp counselors has a Camp Cruel School evil twin who looks at bit like them but has some bad evil trait.Drew Pendous and the Camp Color War tells the story of the two rival schools at summer camp The story begins in the last week of summer camp All summer Camp Cool School has met on one side of the lake, and Camp Cruel School has met on the other, and they have not interacted Now, at the end of summer, Camp Cool School will participate in a variety of contests against Camp Cruel School, culminating in a color war involving colored water balloons In the last contest, the color war contest, random evil villain, Grace Cale, comes flying in with a jet pack and steals the colors Cool School and Cruel School have to work together to try and defeat her and get the color back in order to finish the color war.Stupid things that happen and put me off this book are The Cruel School dean, Dean Mean, keeps telling the kids to cheat When Ray uses his magic eraser to cheat, the book is all like that s cheating But, then Drew will use the magic pencil to cheat, and that s treated as awesome Maybe they are both cheating at tug of war with their pencil and eraser, but the book will only say that Ray is cheating Lots of things like that really bothered me.You would think that in the working together to defeat Grace Cale, the kids would learn important lessons and morals would come out That s not really how it plays out, though Sort of, but it s all much flat and kind of like a bad kids cartoon oh I m flying around with my jet pack oh I m climbing a tree to grab you Eventually, Drew and Ray work together to save the day, and then the story is just like it s back to Drew being good and Ray being evil and that s that.I think that my 5 year old liked the book because he s currently interested in camp and school He s finished Kindergarten, and so knows about school He seemed really interested in summer camp and excited to see a fantasy story about that environment He also likes comic books, because he s starting to read and the combo of pics and words works for him It s hard for me to say how much of the excitement for him was just that it s a comic book about summer camp, and he s curious about summer camp.Overall, this book is maybe worth checking out if you come across it I don t know about seeking it out as opposed to other options For example, Scholastic publisher makes a lot of comic books for elementary age kids which I feel are interesting stories and which have a bit of nuance and often jokes for adults who might have to help kids with reading. Drew Pendous, Nikki, Ms Booksy, Crafty Carol And The Rest Of The Cool School Crew Are Excited For Camp Cool School They Ll Be Facing Cruel School In The Colour War And Ray Blank And His Cruel School Friends Won T Play Fair When It Comes Time To Arm Wrestle, Crabby Carol Snips At Crafty Carol With Her Claws, And Trikki Distracts Nikki By Asking About The History Of Arm Wrestling Then Grace Cale Arrives And Tries To Steal All The Colour In The Colour War Can Drew And His Cool School Friends Work Together With Ray And The Other Cruel Schoolers To Defeat Her Drew Pendous and the Camp Color War (Drew Pendous)

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Drew Pendous and the Camp Color War (Drew Pendous) book, this is one of the most wanted David Lewman author readers around the world.

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