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You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes In You Are Here, Celebrated Astronaut Chris Hadfield Gives Us The Really Big Picture This Is Our Home, As Seen From Space The Millions Of Us Who Followed Hadfield S News Making Twitter Feed From The International Space Station Thought We Knew What We Were Looking At When We First Saw His Photos But We May Have Caught The Beauty And Missed The Full Meaning Now, Through Photographs Many Of Which Have Never Been Shared Hadfield Unveils A Fresh And Insightful Look At Our Planet He Sees Astonishing Detail And Importance In These Images, Not Just Because He S Spent Months In Space But Because His In Depth Knowledge Of Geology, Geography And Meteorology Allows Him To Reveal The Photos MysteriesFeaturing Hadfield S Favourite Images, You Are Here Is Divided By Continent And Represents One Idealized Orbit Of The ISS Surprising, Thought Provoking And Visually Delightful, It Opens A Singular Window On Our Planet, Using Remarkable Photographs To Illuminate The History And Consequences Of Human Settlement, The Magnificence Of Never Before Noticed Landscapes, And The Power Of The Natural Forces Shaping Our World And The Future Of Our Species

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    This book contains some 120 photographs of places on the earth taken from the International Space Station by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield Hadfield took about 45,000 images during his fl

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    This is a great book, lots of stunning satellite photos, but then we can all access such photos for free on the internet, so in that sense the book is a little superfluous However I m glad I bought it

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    Fascinating compilation of pictures taken by Chris so at first you think I ve seen better, clearer, where they have been deliberately shot by the space station but this is what Chris saw and took the photograph

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    This book is so beautiful and fascinating It s good to have a hard copy of the wonderful photos that were coming back from the space station when he was there He s the best astronaut ever We love him in this household Me

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    This is the ultimate coffee table book and oh so much The photographs are absolutely stunning Reading this book is a humbling experience Chris Hadfield was the right man to be up there If you only buy one Coffee Table book in you

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    A fascinating book with some very unusual photographs taken from the space station of various parts of the world Chris Hadfield flew over.Its a fact that most of us will never be able to travel in space but books like this give you an idea

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    Just purchased this book for my husband,he is thrilled with it Even if your not interested in anything to do with what is going on above us this book has been put together in a way that makes it interesting some pictures are shown how we would see th

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    Amazing photographs, they really have to be seen to be believed and capture an idea of how the Earth looks from the International Space Station Well worth buying.

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