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Sam's Super Family: Independent Reading Yellow (Reading Champion) With my kids I have read loads of these first reading books which just say really simple things like this is a dog This book tries to be imaginitive, which is does, but for the price I d expect than one really simple story. Reading Champion Offers Independent Reading Books For Children To Practise And Reinforce Their Developing Reading SkillsFantastic, Original Stories Are Accompanied By Engaging Artwork And A Reading Activity Each Book Has Been Carefully Graded So That It Can Be Matched To A Child S Reading Ability, Encouraging Reading For PleasureIndependent Reading Yellow Stories Are Perfect For Children Aged Who Are Reading At Book Band Yellow In Classroom Reading LessonsSam S Family Is Anything But Ordinary In Fact, It Is Super But What About Sam A good book Perfect for teaching to read and encourage independence in reading simple stories All about what Sams family can do My daughter enjoyed this a while back now, when she was learning to read.Would recommend. Really simple early reader for reception aged kids just getting started Lots of repetition and short cvc words Very basic story but good for beginner readers as it s achievable This is a delightful little story book for young readers It recommends it to readers who are level 3 yellow stage readers, and places this around age 4 plus Personally, I find that this story is very simple and has lots of repetition, so could be given to younger children to start reading earlier.The story is about a boy named Sam, who literally just introduces his family members by name, e.g This is my dad, This is my mum and so on, whilst then saying how each family member likes to help, e.g He likes to help at the fair, She likes to help at the beach So this introduces basic words like He, She, Likes, To, Is, My, This and so on, in a repetitive nature, so your child can learn them easily It also introduces a few complex and diverse words like Fair, Beach, Town and so on.Each page has fun illustrations of Sam and his family members Each family member he introduces, has a superpower and this is also illustrated in the pictures, like a flying dad, super strength gran, and so on.Once you have read the story with your child, there is a recommended activity, in which you get your child to go through the story page by page and explain in their own words what is happening They can then either be as imaginative as they like and make up their own story, or the main aim, eventually learn to read the words for themselves to explain the story It is a great way to encourage not only reading skills, but imagination.There are 18 pages of the story, with one short sentence per page, so it is not too overwhelming or long for your child to read The book has 23 pages in total, including intro title page, activity page and independent reading advice pages at the back. Sam s Super Family is a yellow grade learn to read book, which equates to the third level of difficulty It is, roughly speaking, for age 4 5 year olds, although all children learn to master reading at different rates.The story is simple and laid out in clear text, and in a series of sentences that use repetitive words to help your child to master them The story allows Sam to introduce his superhero family, and say what each of them like to do At the end of it is a story trail, to help you encourage your child to retell the story, and check how well they retained the information.In terms of the suitability of this book for the yellow level book band, it is just perfect It will undoubtedly appeal to those children who are fans of superhero tales, and I would highly recommend it.

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