Electrical Installation Calculations: For Compliance with

Electrical Installation Calculations: For Compliance with BS 7671:2008 Manual calculations are still extensively used and in particular are necessary for checking and verifying various software calculation design packages It is highly recommended that users of such software familiarise themselves with the rudiments of these calculations prior to using the software packages This essential book fills the gap between software and manual calculations It provides the reader with all the necessary tools to enable accurate calculations of circuit designs Rather than complex equations, this book uses extensive worked examples to make understanding the calculations simpler The focus on worked examples furnishes the reader with the knowledge to carry out the necessary checks to electrical cable sizing software programmes Other key features include Updated information onvolt references and voltage drop under normal load conditions New sections on buried cables that take into account soil thermal conductivity, trenches and grouping, allowing readers to carry out accurate cables sizing Information and examples of steel wired armour cables, new to this edition This includes sufficiency during short circuits and, for cables with externally run CPCs, gives unique fault conditions Covers calculations of cross sectional areas of circuit live conductors Earth fault loop impedances Protective conductor cross sectional areas and short circuit conditions Short circuit protection The last chapter combines all of the calculations of the previous chapters to enable the reader to complete an accurate design of an installation circuit under all conditions A unique tool for detailed electrical installation trade, Electrical Installation Calculations, Fourth Edition is invaluable to electricians, electrical designers, installers, technicians, contractors, and plant engineers Senior electrical engineering students and technical colleges, junior engineers, and contracts managers will also find this text useful

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Electrical Installation Calculations: For Compliance with BS 7671:2008 book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Coates author readers around the world.

6 thoughts on “Electrical Installation Calculations: For Compliance with BS 7671:2008

  1. Jim Franklin Jim Franklin says:

    I don t care who you are, unless you have a photographic memory or are doing these calculations daily you cannot remember them all, this book is a very handy reference and has lots of information in it It doesn t matter if your using it as reference for a hole filled memory or because your starting out in a new career, this book should be on your shelf.

  2. John Waby John Waby says:

    a very nice up to date book

  3. sadovidsporn.co Customer sadovidsporn.co Customer says:

    all i wanted

  4. James B. Spink James B. Spink says:

    often group reviews for related items together so a review for one item may also get posted with a newer version The customer review from 2008 relates to the third edition of this book with a red green cover which DOES cover the 2001 version of BS7671 the forth edition, with the BLUE cover, relates to 2008 Hope that clears up any confusion Having worked for a number of years in the telecoms industry I am familiar with some aspects of BS7671, but this book goes into detail than I ever needed Although it appears a bit daunting at first the book satisfies the need it was created for very well There is not a huge amount of theory presented here other books cover that area but there are many, many practical worked examples which show in a clear step by step manner how to check and verify calculations made by various software design packages.The book was designed to fill a gap between software and manual calculations and does not bother the reader with too many complex equations but rather uses worked examples to make understanding the calculations a bit simpler Used in association with IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition BS 7671 2008 With explanatory leaflet , also available from , this book provides an invaluable tool for the electrical installation trade Not a book for the casual reader, or even the amateur electrician, this book will meet the needs of its target readership and deserves five stars for its clear presentation It is worth reading the Product Description on the product page as it gives a good detailed account of the books remit.

  5. vm1967 vm1967 says:

    This book is suitable for 17th edition 2008 it is the 4th edition and clearly states it is compliance with the above, contrary to what the previous review stated and was published just this year There was an older version published in 1991 which is by one of the same authors, perhaps they were thinking of that one when they posted their review.Ok, I only studied electrical installation to level 2, and not to 3, so can not claim to have industrial experience as of yet Ido however have recent college experience of electrical installation so feel I can comment on this book adequately.On opening it it looked very dry with no pretty pictures as I am used to in my other books It had only diagrams at best, so I almost put it back down deciding it looked too intense for my skill level.One second look, I realised the lack of pictures was than made up for by the HUGE amount of worked through examples, and importantly, the front of the book with the chapter page guide giving you a list of where to go for each type of calculation example I think the examples are really good, they reference 17th edition but they also function stand alone, so there is not leafing about to look up the correct conductivity rating for example, which I used to have to do with other text books this book I see as something for someone working as an electrician or their mate who can take this out and about and look up what calculation is needed for what and how to do it I think it is the equivalent of the botanists field guide, and will serve a working electrician well.

  6. H. Pierce H. Pierce says:

    I am reviewing this on behalf of my husband who has recently taken to reading electrical theory books in order to refresh his knowledge, having previously studied degrees in Physics.The book itself is mostly made up of series of questions and answers This in itself is not a bad thing It is, however, difficult to fully rely upon your own skills to answer the questions, when the answers are almost staring you in the face It would, perhaps, have been useful if the answers had been placed at the back of the book, to stop the reader glancing at the answer instead of working it out themselves.It is also worth noting that if you are studying for the BS7671, additional text would be required in order to attain a good theoretical knowledge of the subject matter There is very little in the way of theory and explanations in this book alone, and it would appear that it is best used in combination with the theoretical book recommended within the series IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition BS 7671 2008.The book is well presented and easy to use, but really is not much use for anyone hoping to dabble with the subject matter theoretically or practically My best advice for those of you wishing to purchase this book is to look carefully at what you want it for If you are a professional electrician then this is a great tool for you to use It is also a good tool for those of you wishing to test your knowledge in this area through clear worked examples.

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