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Little Kids First Big Book of Science (First Big Book) This Lively Introduction To The Fascinating World Of Science Explores The Different Kinds Of Science, What Scientists Do, And The Amazing Things That Scientists Study Animals And Plants Oceans And Space Earthquakes And Volcanoes Sound And Light Inventions And Make Sure Kids First Experience Of The Wonders Of Science Is A Thrilling Eye Opener With This Fun Reference Book Fun Activities, Games, And Simple Experiments Encourage Interactive Learning, Showing Kids That Anyone Can Use Scientific Observation And Experimentation To Be A Scientist And Discover New Things With Bright Images And Age Appropriate Text, This Book Inspires Kids To Be Curious, Ask Questions, And Explore The World Around Them And, Maybe Even Grow Up To Be A Scientist One Day, Too Topics Touched On Include Astronomy, Botany, Paleontology, Malacology That S The Science Of Clams, Snails, And Other Animals With Shells , Zoology, And. Love all the books in this series Excellent resource for a teacher of young children. Good as a book We love the National Geographic books My toddler will flip through them in his own and loves to explore them together I think they make great theme gifts with accessories like binoculars, telescope, etc These books are informative and attractive.As a mom I love when my son is gifted with books He has so.many toys Most of which he could quite frankly care less about He loooooves his books and I love that he gets so much use out of books These books grow with children so they make wonderful gufts

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