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The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos Dumont I m a big fan of illustrated books and I know illustrated non fiction isn t widely published, so when I saw this book I was quite excited It s a sturdy hardcover with a dust jacket It s also well bound Important if you have children that want to pick it up and read it on their own You don t have to take extra care with it.The illustrations are wonderful and are on the front and back cover, and pretty much fill every page in the book The glossy paper helps draw out the predominant colours blues and greens Also the lines portray movement and excitement The illustrations aren t cartoons they re vivid paint like, pastel sketches I could be wrong here which complement the story.The story is about Alberto Santos Dumas and his eccentric behaviour, meeting with his friend and the story of his passion to fly I have to agree with Jessica Bustard here The book starts to wobble a bit as the narrative isn t so clear I realise that it could be classified as a biography maybe that s why it seems a little unfocused Is the story about the watch, flying, his love of hats It could have been just a little clearer and the story telling could have been tightened up a bit The narrative structure is just not as defined as I liked, or am familiar with when it comes to illustrated books.I can t decide what age this book is for as I read it with a six year old boy, that I tutor, who loves cars and planes He liked the drawings, but it was very wordy for him, I had to do some explaining and shortening The word dirigible was wisely skipped.I won t get into the facts of the story some people seem to be concerned with the facts, mainly the wrist watch There s a nice section at the back of the book with a few photographs and some interesting facts about Alberto Santos Dumont Though, there is one fact that I would leave out altogether.To sum it up this book is well made, has a sturdy hardcover, is beautifully illustrated with vivid colours and an interesting story However, it is not your run of the mill book and cannot be compared with your average illustrated children s book This is something different nothing wrong with different it s not only for children but for adults as well It introduced me to a story in history that I wasn t familiar with a good thing Four stars for me. This Is A Non Fiction Picture Book About Alberto Santos Dumont, The Brazilian Who Is Credited With Being The First Person To Fly A Self Propelled Airplane In Contrast To The Wright Brothers, Dumont Is Considered The First To Build, Take Off, Fly, And Land Without The Use Of Catapults, High Winds, Launch Rails Or Other External Assistance Griffith Paints A Wonderful Picture Of A Man Who Was Dapper And Flamboyant The Facts Are True He Went Shopping In A Dirigible Along The Fashionable Streets Of Paris, For Instance , And The Story Is Both Entertaining And Informative He Was Also A Friend Of Louis Cartier Who Created A Wristwatch Especially For Dumont To Use While Flying Dirigibles As He Needed To Use Both Hands To Guide The Craft Until That Time, Only Women Wore Wristwatches Men Had Pocket Watches A Beautifully Illustrated Picture Book That Will Enlighten Young Children About Who Really Flew The First Plane, The Fabulous Slying Machines Of Alberto Santos Dumont Includes An Author S Note About Santos Dumont And Photos Of Him And His Flying Machines A wonderful book for children This is a story about a great aviator A man of his time and also ahead of his time Well constructed story of his life and inovations Kids should know about this great man An inspiration to free spirit Thanks Sincerely, Rick L. This book was a hit with my second graders The text is lively and brings the historical background to life It works well with other stories about planes, balloons, or the Wright brothers, as children can compare and contrast The vocabulary is fairly sophisticated this is not a talk down to book Outside of a school setting, the story appeals to children s sense of wonder The main character comes across as charming and quirky An excellent choice The American publishing industry is good at a lot of things They produce some pretty delightful fare for children on a variety of different topics If you want vampires or stories of cute puppies or twists on fairy tales then you are in luck If, however, you re looking for something about people who are famous in countries other than America, I have bad news We re not that great at highlighting other nations heroes Oh, you ll see such a biography once in a rare while but unless they re a world figure Gandhi, Leonardo da Vinci, etc we re not usually going to hear much about them Maybe that s part of the reason I get so excited when I see books that buck the trend Books like Victoria Griffith s The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos Dumont The other reason is that in a greedy way I get to learn about new historical figures along with the child readers Alberto Santos Dumont, for all his charms, is not exactly a household name here in the States Credit where credit is due, then since author Victoria Griffith is doing what she can to remedy that problem.If you were a resident of Paris, France in the early 20th century you might have glanced up into the sky to see one Alberto Santos Dumont in his handy dandy dirigible A transplanted Brazilian and fan of the power of flight, Alberto was friends with Louis Cartier who bestowed upon him a wrist based alternative to the pocket watch Now he could time himself in the sky Determined to create an official flying machine, Alberto announces the date and location that he intends to use one to take to the sky But when sneaky Louis Bleriot arrives with the intention of stealing Alberto s thunder, the question of who will go down in the history books is ha ha up in the air.I m having a bit of difficulty believing that this is Victoria Griffith s first book for children To my mind, writing nonfiction picture books for young readers is enormously difficult You sit in front of a plate of facts with the goal of working them into something simultaneously honest and compelling for kids Taken one way, the book s a dud Taken another, it does its subject justice Griffith, for her part, takes to the form like a duck to water The first sentence is Alberto Santos Dumont loved floating over Paris in his own personal flying machine After the first few pages don t be too surprised if the kids you re reading this book with start wondering why exactly it is that we don t have our own personal dirigibles this question is promptly answered when we learn that Alberto s preferred mode of transportation had a tendency to um catch on fire Deftly weaving together the invention of the Cartier watch with Alberto s moment in history, Griffith manages to create compelling characters and a situation that lets kids understand what was at stake in this story.She also places Alberto squarely within his context in history In the book we learn that while the Wright Brothers did fly at Kitty Hawn before Santos Dumont, because their flight needed assistance then it wasn t really flying Griffith prefers to explain this not in the text but in the Author s Note, but I think that s fair As long as you make clear to kids that there can be two different opinions on a moment in history, I don t think you need to bog down the story with this detail And if you re committed to driving the idea home that history is subjective, maybe the best use of this book would be to read it to a class alongside the 1984 Caldecott Award winning picture bookThe Glorious Flight Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot July 25, 1909 Rarely will you find two nonfiction picture books that show such different sides of a character If you ve ever felt inclined to show kids how nonfiction works pick and choose their facts, this is a gift.Adults who read Griffith s Author s Note and discover that she got the idea for the book when her Brazilian husband discovered to his horror that Americans believe that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane will be intrigued Learning through him of Santos Dumont s life she went out and did what so many grown ups merely think to themselves from time to time She wrote a children s book biography Well played, madam I might have cut down the books Author s Note a bit knowing where his father got his fortune isn t strictly necessary but the images and additional info about his life are grand.Now the art is a bit of a pickle Italian resident Eva Montanari is perhaps best known for her work on the picture bookChasing Degasthough she has created other works likeA Very Full MorningandTiff, Taff, and Lulu I ll confess that Montanari s pastels didn t really grab me at first To be fair, I m not a pastel fan They re so light and ephemeral that for a work of historical truth I m reluctant to enjoy them The first two page spread of Alberto in his dirigible doesn t grab you right away Nor, for that matter, does the cover But as I read through the book and enjoyed the language the pictures began to grow on me The pretty girl lingering behind Alberto as he tries on a new hat The nosy onlookers taking a gander at his new watch The nasty look Bleriot shoots Alberto when his own plane crashes I came around to Montanari as I read but I think the trick is getting through the first few pages The fact of the matter is that the cover does not grab readers It s going to be up to parents, teachers, and librarians to discover it on their own and push it into the hands of the child audience.When I started this review by saying that America doesn t tend to highlight famous folks from other nations, I didn t mean to suggest that it doesn t happen Once in a while you ll find aThe Strongest Man in the WorldorDark Fiddler But the bulk of what s out there is pretty repetitive at times That s why it s so great to discover books like Griffith s on this Brazilian in France They say history is written by the winners It s also written, a lot of the time, by the Americans Now you get a different point of view in a slim little picture book and that, suffice to say, is delightful.For ages 6 10. If you read this book to your children, or to yourself, skip to author s note right away there you will understand how the story of the Father of Flight , as Santos Dumont is known in Europe and South America, is finally being told to the American children The familiar anecdote the author tells is so very much the same as our own family anecdote In our case it is this Brazilian wife, not the husband in the book s case it was the author s husband that has exclaimed, again and again, about how wrong Americans are to think the Wright Brothers of whom I had never heard growing up in Brazil who take that claim No It was Alberto Santos Dumont, a clever, inventive and fashionable Brazilian living in Paris, who was the first one to build, and take off, and fly, and land, in an aeroplane Any child in South America knows that The Wrights brothers, I tell my kids, didn t take off their aeroplane was thrown down a cliff To what my engineer minded son retorts, No, Mom, he was pushed down a ramp Same thing I have looked for anything printed for kids in the USA about him and have come up empty handed every time We have visited his museum in Petropolis, Brazil, as the author surely has, and believe me, it wasn t only the airplane he invented Kudos to Victoria Griffith for writing this wonderful book and may Santos Dumont enter the American milieu full force My Review This is an excellent story about Alberto Santos Dumont who designed, built and flew one of the first practical dirigibles It was great to know that Alberto went everywhere in his controllable balloon The author tells how Alberto needed a watch that would help him mark the time that he is in the air as he was unable to do so while his hands were on the controls.Alberto complained to his good friend Louis Cartier who was an inventor of the pocket watches and jewelry He told him about the difficulty of checking his pocket watch while flying So Cartier came up with an alternative that would allow Alberto keep both hands on the controls and check time, he made a watch with a leather band.Author Griffith did a great job in providing readers with not only the facts about Alberto Santos Dumont, but also introducing readers to another inventor Louis Cartier and Orville and Wilbur Wright who were credited with inventing and building the world s first successful airplane.The author did a great job in connecting the story of Alberto with his love of flying, to needing a watch and his love of hats which he used often to put out flames as his airship float had a tendency of catching on fire.The beautiful illustrations by Eva Montanari not only tell the story but helps brings the story to life The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos Dumont is a recipient of the prestigious Mom s Choice Award I highly recommend this book for classroom reading.Fact Although Patek Phillipe created the first wristwatch in 1868, Louis Cartier is responsible for helping to popularize it over the traditional pocket watch.Disclaimer As per FTC guidelines, I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review I received no monetary compensation All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

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