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Great book for teen researching subject for school project It is difficult to find books on this topic which are not too technical or pedantic Highly recommended Prompt delivery of the book in excellent condition. this book is a great intro for a new way of thinking not just for teens, but the will get the modern references Generation Green is refreshing and informative in a way that can appeal to all ages As a busy working mother I have not taken the time to be as educated on being green as I would have liked This is a tool that has been a bridge to discussion and action for my family My 10 year old was actually educated that we were.The book talks about issues great and small in a way that doesn t seem like preaching The tips on eating, shopping, traveling, pet care and cleaning are sensible, doable, and things we would never had thought of ourselves I am donating a copy to my son s school library The fact that a mother and teenage son did this socially conscious project together is just heart warming icing on the cake I needed this book for a science class I had to do reflections on five different chapters It was a good book We All Know About The Earth S Environmental Crisis, But There Is Someone Who Can Truly Make A Difference You If You Text Your Friends Or Chat With Them Online, Download Music To Your IPod, Or Toss Bottles And Papers Into Recycling Bins, You Re Already Eco Savvy Than You Think It S Just As Easy To Do Even To Help Save The Earth, And Generation Green Shows You How This Book Lays Out The Inside Scoop On The Biggest Issues Affecting Our Planet, Such As Global Warming And Overflowing Landfills Offers Dozens Of Tips On How To Shop, Dress, Eat, And Travel The Green Way Includes Interviews With Teens Like You Who Are Involved With Fun, Innovative Green Causes Shows That Being Environmentally Conscious Can Be A Natural Part Of Your Life And Your Generation S Contribution To Turning Things Around It Doesn T Matter If You Can T Vote Or Drive Your Efforts Big Or Small Will Contribute To Saving The Planet It S Time For All Of Us To Take Action It S Time To Go Green In these times we are living in, it is crucial that everyone know how to conserve and recycle As an adult looking back, we were never taught such things in school Granted, it s been a few years But it was just not important in those days 10 15 years ago I remember my parents recycling pop cans because they went through a case a week as well as the daily newspaper, but they never took it beyond that.When I was about 17 I took a huge interest in preservation after a project in school in which we had to petition to save one of our local marshlands from being filled in order to build housing That battle was won and it made me feel empowered, so I took it a few steps further and did tons of independent research which has brought me to where I am today.The things that I do to conserve and recycle you would think are common knowledge, especially since we are experiencing all time highs in energy costs But sadly, the information isn t right in front of you You have to look for it And for a child who may not have parents that are into preservation and conservation and isn t hearing about it in school, they are likely to continue on being blissfully ignorant of the dire situation our planet is in.This book is the perfect solution to that It covers nearly everything one needs to know to live green and it s packaged nicely in an easy to read and easy to understand format No big words to intimidate younger kids and slightly larger than normal text make this an easy pick up and read It also does much to empower kids, labeling them Generation Green , the hope of the future It really makes them feel important and feel like they really can do something, and they can And with this book, hopefully they will.My little one is far too young to grasp all of this now, but you can bet I ll be holding onto this book for the day when he s ready to read it and become a Green Guardian himself And hopefully he will spread the word to other children Teaching our kids to live green is as important as teaching them to walk and talk If you re not up to speed on all you need to know, just another reason to pick up this book so you can read it together Highly recommended Generation Green: The Ultimate Teen Guide to Living an Eco-Friendly Life

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Generation Green: The Ultimate Teen Guide to Living an Eco-Friendly Life book, this is one of the most wanted Linda Sivertsen author readers around the world.

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