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Junior Illustrated Maths Dictionary (Usborne Dictionaries) I am so happy that this was recommended to me It is such a long time ago that I learned how to turn fractions into decimals and other such maths problems, this is clearly set out so I can help my children with their homework. My child use it a lot, well we make her use it as I m bit old fashioned and I love books rather then internet all the time. Really helpful and well explained I used this dictionary for my daughter s 11 test preparation Anything we didn t know was in this dictionary Its explanation is very clear I now bought the next level up for her 2ndary school from Usbourne. Thank god I will finally be able to help my daughter complete her maths homework and not look like a fool Its a brill book and easy to follow so she ll be able to use it too Good little book to help my daughter with understanding maths I would recommend. This is so handy Every child should have one Clear child friendly layout and explanations. love this book, wouldnt be without it if you have kids, you should own a copy, it will come in handy countless times i cant even count the number of times we have reached for this when we got stuck while doing one Q or another its so easy, effective, even kids can read through it and understand whats being explained. Presents A Maths Dictionary With Explanations Of The Key Terms And Concepts From KS And Up This Title Explains Each Concept Alongside Worked Examples Of Alternative Methods As Well As Hints, Tips, Shortcuts And Strategies It Is Suitable For Students And Parents Alike

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