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The Electricity of Every Living Thing: A Woman’s Walk in the Wild to Find Her Way Home I really related to this book Katherine writes so clearly and honestly about her struggles, challenges and strengths I felt this book showed a realistic view of how autism feels to some people, and it s explained so well I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in autism, thinks they may be autistic, has a friends or family member who is or identifies as. Perfect For Fans Of The Salt Path And The Outrun, This Book Is A Life Affirming Exploration Of Wild Landscapes, What It Means To Be Different And, Above All, How We Can All Learn To Make Peace Within Our Own Unquiet Minds A Windswept Tale, Beautifully Told Raynor Winn The Salt PathA Manifesto For The Value Of Difficult People I Loved It Amy Liptrot The OutrunIn August , Katherine May Set Out To Walk The Mile South West Coast Path She Wanted To Understand Why She Had Stopped Coping With Everyday Life Why Motherhood Had Been So Overwhelming And Isolating, And Why The World Felt Full Of Inundation And Expectations She Can T Meet Setting Her Feet Down On The Rugged And Difficult Path By The Sea, The Answer Begins To Unfold It S A Chance Encounter With A Voice On The Radio That Sparks A Realisation That She Has Asperger S Syndrome The Electricity Of Every Living Thing Tells The Story Of The Year In Which Katherine Comes To Terms With Her Diagnosis It Leads To A Re Evaluation Of Her Life So Far A Kinder One, Which Finally Allows Her To Be Different Rather Than Simply Awkward, Arrogant Or Unfeeling The Physical And Psychological Journeys Become Inextricably Entwined, And As Katherine Finds Her Way Across The Untameable Coast, She Also Finds The Way To HerselfWhat Readers Are Saying About The Electricity Of Every Living Thing This Book Showed A Realistic View Of How Autism Feels To Some People, And It S Explained So Well The Astonishing Sensitivity And Awareness In Her Writing, Both About The Beautiful Landscapes And Nature Around On Her Walks, And In Relation To Her Family, Friends And Self Put Paid To Many Outdated Myths About What It Is Like To Be Autistic Compelling And Transformative A brutally honest account of the authors struggles in feeling that she never fitted in and didn t think the way she was supposed to think In it I recognised someone very close to me and it has helped me to understand her so much better and therefore be compassionate and patient about the things she does and the way she thinks I m sure people will relate to Katherine s story either seeing themselves or people in their lives Thank you for your honesty and bravery in sharing your story. I suppose I was drawn to this book by the title it called to something vaguely familiar somewhere in my butterfly mind Katherine s experiences of life are different from mine, but to read a magnificent account of someone living with the experience of being somehow detached from the normal is there such a thing, really has helped me to understand our beautiful spectrum of life A warm, descriptive book, full of the beauty of the South West seen through a vibrant and different perspective one of the best reads I ve had for a while. This book is a forensic and frank account of an adult diagnosis of autism By being so honest and open, the author gives a very valuable insight into a high functioning and happy life and how ASD before, during and after diagnosis impacts on it over a lifetime It s also a very relatable story of the challenges of new parenthood and easing into middle age. This is a simply outstanding book, and not just because I identify with the authors s journey in discovering her autism I just fell into it and feel as if I have visited wild, beautiful, muddy and steep places I have never seen I love her total honesty and humour Thank you Katherine for writing such a beautiful book. Compelling and transformative I could not put this book down so I stayed in bed and read it in one go Read about the struggle to know yourself when you ve lived your life as an undiagnosed autistic person, and learn what autism is for an under recognised experience within autism s many coloured umbrella Increasingly we re learning how varied autism is and this book adds so much to this understanding If you ve struggled with knowing yourself and think you may be autistic, this could well be the book for you If you want to understand about autism this is definitely the book for you Katherine s generous, warm and open voice could change how you think about autism At the heart of this books lies extreme sensory challenge and a life which can t be made sense of, until diagnosis redeems it.We walk along the path of life wounded until we have the knowledge we need to truly know ourselves Autism emerges as the one thing which makes sense, and from which we can reconstruct our lives I felt Katherine hold my hand as I looked into a vast and quite beautiful mirror I urge you to take a good long look too reconstruct our lives. I ve enjoyed Katherine s fiction, but wasn t sure how I d get on with this autobiographical story.Travelling along the beautiful South West Costal Path, and various other routes, she recounts and analyses her reactions to realising that she has arrived at adulthood and motherhood unaware that she is autistic.There is some blunt and painful writing, and she is often very hard in herself, even as she starts to realise that many of her actions are a result of being wired differently.The astonishing sensitivity and awareness in her writing, both about the beautiful landscapes and nature around on her walks, and in relation to her family, friends and self put paid to many outdated myths about what it is like to be autistic.I would recommend this book to anyone on their own autistic journey like me , to anyone who has a friend or family member who is autistic, and anyone who is interested in a good read.

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