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L'art de la Simplicité (The English Edition): How to Live More With Less If Simplicity Is An Art, Then Dominique Loreau Is A Master Having Lived In Japan For Many Years And Inspired By Oriental Philosophy, Dominique Loreau Discovered The Beauty Of A Life Well Lived Through The Art Of Simplicity Her Lifestyle Rests On The Principle Of Less Is , And Imbues All Areas Of Existence, From The Material To The Spiritual She Captured Her Philosophy In The Ground Breaking L Art De La Simplicit, Which Was An Massive Bestseller In Her Native France And Is Now Available In The English Language For The First Time Simplify Your Home, Empty Your Wardrobe, Abandon Compulsive Purchases, Eat Frugally But Better, Take Care Of Your Body And Mind From The Art Of Feeling Well In Your Home To The Art Of Feeling Well In Your Body, This Compelling And Elegant Book Will Transform Your Life And Take You On An Empowering Journey To Happiness You Will Feel Energised, Confident And Free You Will Discover The Essence Of Being Truly Alive And How To Live A Centred Life One Full Of Real Pleasure, Clarity And Satisfaction

About the Author: Dominique Loreau

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the L'art de la Simplicité (The English Edition): How to Live More With Less book, this is one of the most wanted Dominique Loreau author readers around the world.

14 thoughts on “L'art de la Simplicité (The English Edition): How to Live More With Less

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    One of the worst books I ve ever read and I do read a lot of books The most annoying, even potentially dangerous, aspect is that most of it is written in commends Do this Buy that Don t do that Wear only black, grey or white Paint your home only black, grey or white Lose weight Throw away most of your treasured belongings Hide yourself away I m kidding about that one But minimalists may l

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    This started well for me I love reading about alternative lifestyles and looked forward to this author s account of living frugally and yet with class Upper class it turned out Sadly, I have neither the time nor money to put many of her ideas into practise swapping my belongings for the finest money can buy being one idea Having a hot bath followed by cold shower and getting my imperfections profe

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    I read the book in French originally and have given the English translation to several friends There are differences between this editon which I think is aimed at an American audience However it s still a good and interesting book Loreau writes with simplicity and clarity and the book is divided up into bite size sections ecah dealing with different aspects of your life There are sections on uncluttering

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    I bought this for my Kindle after being grabbed by reading a few pages in a bookshop whilst waiting for a friend Not actually sure that I really needed than those few pages to get the idea which is rather beaten to death over many, many others I ll give it one chance but already feel that I couldn t ever live up to the author s high ideals

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    I really enjoyed reading this book and it made me think and look at the way I live my life in a different way I read it through and now I just turn a page and read a bit every night It is creative in the way it approaches the art of simple living I would encourage everyone to read it.

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    This is an inspiring book offering a full range of advice on how to achieve a simpler life I recommend it highly for anyone looking to declutter and There are no recommendations in this book to live in miserable scarcity but to select with care every item we live with to bring us pleasure and joy.

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    I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever wondered if there is a better way to live than chasing the latest of this or the most fashionable of that After reading this I think there is.

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    For those interested in minimalism, but not interested in everything that comes from the Far East, this is not the book to buy Only one third is dedicated to it The other thirds are dedicated to body and mind Body is full of eastern animistic superstition and health beauty advice laded with miths and new age pseudo science The secret life of plants level.The demeaning comments on the legacy of Judeo Christian thinking are pure prejudice Doesn t the a

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    Love the simplicity of this book and I really like the fact that the author is a French woman living in Japan there is no element of American consumerism or decluttering, but rather a sense of elegance and simplicity that two cultures that revel is the simple life blend into The book is refreshing and calming, inspiring and friendly There is no judgement in the book, and some of her statements are thought provoking and cause one to question the way they do th

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    How to lead a simple, noble and fulfilling life I believe that the book contains the essence of teachings of Zen and other schools of thought to lead such a life The writer apparently has practiced what she has written and this book needs to be read and reread for focussing on that which is important in life and overlooking the rest.

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    Great read, on my second read as lots to take in Intend to buy a copy for my two daughters for xmas as a great lifelong reference on how to live for all of us at any time of life.

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    A different way of livinglearn lots of new things

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    Liked everything about this book I have read many life simplifying books and found this one exceptionally well done.Well written in a concise and easily relatable manner Purchased a second copy as a backup.

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    I liked this book so much I bought one as a gift for my sisters I highly recommend this book for anyone organizing their lives You will love it too.

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