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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter Illustrated Edtn) I pre ordered this in February to make sure i secured a copy.It is absolutely beautiful I remember queuing at Waterstones to get a hardback of the 1st Harry potter book and i fell in love with the story The films not so much.These illustrated hardback editions are superb It is heavy, thick amazing quality paper, nice and glossy, with the most incredible illustrations It made me fall in love with the story all over again Its just magical to sit down and read them in this format I have every one so far, and i can t wait for the rest, please make the next one next year though. Dragons Daring Danger The First Fully Illustrated Edition OfHarry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Is An Extraordinary Creative Achievement By Two Extraordinary Talents Jim Kay S Inspired Reimagining Of JK Rowling S Classic Series Has Captured A Devoted Following Worldwide, And The Drama Just Gets Bigger As The Series Progresses With Over Illustrations, Jim Kay S Unique Vision Delivers Breathtaking Scenes And Unforgettable Characters Including Fan Favourites Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour And Viktor Krum Illustrated By Jim Kay For The First TimeFizzing With Magic And Brimming With Humour, This Full Colour Edition Will Captivate Fans And New Readers Alike As Harry, Now In His Fourth Year At Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, Finds Himself Competing In The Legendary Triwizard Tournament And Facing Death Defying Tasks, Dragons And Dark Wizards Making Magic In Paint, Pencil And Pixels, This Is The Wizarding World As We Have Never Seen It Before Don t get me wrong, I love the Harry Potter series and was so excited for the illustrated version to arrive BUT, there aren t as many illustrations as I would have expected You can to on for pages without a single drawing Chapter 25 doesn t have any at all, and the pictures seem to appear less and less as the book goes on The illustrations are brilliant but I just want I ve always had a problem with Jim Kay s illustrations I have found them to nursery bookish for the average Harry Potter reader I really didn t take to the first book in the series because of it s fantastical quality that was in keeping with a preschool book than a young teens to adult novel.With book two the style matured a bit as if he accepted that the reading age was also maturing with Harry s progress through his school years and, quite a lot of the whimsical, fantastical and childishness of the first volume was played down and almost disappeared in the second of the series.But sadly the maturity wasn t carried forwards into the third volume and appeared to stall.This one however is somewhat of a mishmash In some ways it as matured but in other it s taken a retrograde step back into the absurd.Take for instance his depiction of the Hogwarts Express In the first volume he depicts it like something as dreamt up by Heath Robinson or Emit a fantastical creation part machine part iron dragon with allsorts of gothic ornamentation.In this volume he depicted it like the version in the movies It actually resembles a Great Western steam locomotive but he had to spoil it by giving it a stupidly impossibly high funnel and a dragons crest.Also he doesn t give it a tender Okay it s a magical train, it runs on magic, but it s got to fool the muggles so it would have a tender for appearance sake It either looks and behaves like a regular train or it s totally magical not some hybrid that s neither one or the other That s only one example there are many others.But the thing that got me the most with this volume is the inconsistency of the depiction of the characters.He doesn t seem to agree with himself as to what any one character looks like from one picture to the next.Harry s apparent age goes up and down throughout the book.At the beginning he looks like a first year, then a couple of chapters in he looks like sixth former then in the next chapter he s a young boy again The shape of his face changes from picture to picture you can t have mistaken someone else for him because of the give away glasses and lightning blot scar.Other characters suffer the same transfiguration from page to page.Also the style of depiction of the characters is in the style of Quentin Blake, the illustrator for Roald Dahl books, and for me to comic and grotesque for the world of Potter Yes Potters world is magical, and some may say far fetched, but it is firmly rooted in our reality The people within it share the same feelings, problems and mundain irritations as the rest of us That s why we identify with it so much It s not some comic strip joke of a universe like Roald Dahl writes about good though that is No Potter s world is recognisably our world and therefore the characters in it look as we do.While on the characters none of the illustrations have captions so it s not immediately apparent who it is you are supposed to be looking at confused by your own imagining of the character, the movie version of the character and that his illustration looks nothing like either.But having said that he is starting to get some other things right Strangely most of that is the dark side of the story Voldermort and the Death Eaters, the Darth Mark and I particularly like his Dragons.Maybe he ll get it together by the time he illustrates the Deathly Hallows.Negative criticism aside, which are my own personal feeling on the content you may totally disagree with them, but as a book it is a beautiful produced volume, quality through out and a nice edition to the range. I have been reading the illustrated editions of Harry Potter with my 8 year old It is a beautiful way to share the magic with a new generation of Potter fans My son has waiting patiently for this book since reading The Prisoner of Azkaban, having chosen to continue to wait for the illustrated editions rather than reading the exsisting editions When it arrived he couldn t wait until bedtime and insisted we read the first chapter straight away It reminds me of queuing at midnight on realease day to buy each new Harry Potter when I was a child.I love how these these books help to inspire my sons love of reading and it s a pleasure to share them with him.The illustrations are brilliant quality and very beautiful My son treasures his illustrated copies and perhaps share them with his own children one day.Well done to Jim Kay for finding a way to add even magic to this series for old and new fans alike. Like the previous illustrated editions before it, this too features exceptional quality illustrations by Jim Kay, adding rich details to the wizarding world of JK Rowling As noted by others, although this edition may not contain as many illustrations as the previous editions, Goblet of Fire was the 3rd biggest book in the series hence the publishers have done a great job in maintaining the form factor of the book s o it sits comfortably with the rest of the illustrated edition collection.The only problem I ve had is not with the book itself, but rather with s delivery service The first book that arrived, although it came in s standard cardboard packaging had a damaged spine I then had this replaced with another, which was in worst shape than the first and came in a plastic envelope, the third came in pristine condition So I suggest take care in future. Arrived today and it s as awesome as the first three Cant wait for order of the Phoenix next Excellent book highly recommended, but NOT from Only 15.99 from Sainsbury s Could have saved than 10 on the 2 I bought.

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