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Sculpting in Copper (Basics of Sculpture) Metalworking In Copper Is An Ancient And Rewarding Art Used By Human Beings Forthan , Years, This Long Lasting, Widely Available And Very Forgiving Material Lends Itself To The Creation Of Beautiful Figurative Sculptures, As Well As Abstract Forms In This Book, Lifelong Sculptor Sue White Oakes And Writer Jim Pratt Explain The Craft Of Working In Copper With The Novice Metalworker In Mind First Covering Basic Tools And Techniques, From Cutting And Truing To Annealing And Soldering, They Go On To Demonstrate Five Exciting Sculpture Projects, Each Increasing In Complexity, With The Aim Of Building Readers Confidence As Their Skills ProgressProviding Clear, Practical Instruction For The Beginner, Accompanied By Helpful How To Images, This Book Is The Essential Resource For Anyone Wishing To Explore The Potential Of Sculpting In Copper

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