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Production Management for TV and Film: The Professional's Guide (Professional Media Practice) What Linda Stradling Doesn T Know About Production Management Isn T Worth Knowing The Documentary Filmmakers GroupPlaying A Key Role In Helping Producers To Interpret And Realise The Directors Vision, Production Managers Are Responsible For All Organisational Aspects Of TV And Film Production From Start To Finish Now This Essential Handbook Tells You How It S Done Written By Highly Experienced Production Manager And Specialist Tutor, Linda Stradling, This Is A Complete Guide To The Profession It Includes Details On Self Organisation And The Best Systems To Use, Budgets, Schedules And Cost Control, Hiring And Firing, Contracts, Insurance, Setting Up A Shoot, Dealing With Contributors, Acquiring Copyright, People Skills And Ethics So Whether You Re Just Starting Out Or Want To Improve Your Knowledge And Skills, This Is The Book For You I hoped this book would teach something I didn t know Basically, there s a section on VAT which says I don t do VAT, that s someone else s job Yeah, that sentence would do, but it droned on for than a page That sets the tone for the whole book.Then there was the health and safety section, which said that health and safety was important It promised a health and safety report on the companion website that dealt with snakes and the problems with snake venom etc Guess what There s nothing there.The companion website, which is oft mentioned, has very little The actual book doesn t say much either.You don t need to buy the book to see the website There s no password in the book, it s just a page on the publisher s site with some links to very basic documents The book isn t even obvious on how to get there There are better Health and Safety documents online, and better other documents too.It still gets three stars because the style is clear, and it s easy to read It s also concise, in some cases too sparse yet still rambles on about things like I don t do VAT. A very thin book Not worth the 25 price tag, and is for factual and documentaries mainly, so lot of irrelevant stuff if you work in drama. Interesting with useful information Purchased kindle version as hard copy went missing.

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