Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs The Naughty Night-Crawlers

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs The Naughty Night-Crawlers from Neptune And I like them too I learned about this series when visiting family and saw that my 6 yr old grandson had two of the 9 books in the series His mother liked them as they didn t have offensive words like fart and poop and snot and other stuff that so many young people s books seem to have these days It is male centered in a world it seems of books geared to girls these days and the male figure ones are outlandish in wording and bodily function jokes The main character is a boy mouse and the adventures are fun for young boys who want to be a hero of sorts in a simple life The Mighty Robot is the hero but his owner is the little boy mouse Fun for adults to read out loud and many simple words so young readers can want to read them too At first my grandson was disappointed that the new books were a reprint edition of the ones he had but then he realized that the pages were thicker, the graphics cooler and now he wants new books of the two he already had which he found a a used books store thrift store Even the older edition books he read at the library had torn pages thin newsprint pages So he agreed the new books would work out just fine He was super surprised that his grandmother was able to find all the books he was missing the other 7 and they arrived a few days into her trip lots of time left to read them all. gift and Im sure will be appreiated Good quality, as described. Kids like it. Great parfait The students are enjoying this book and I can t keep it on the shelf. The series follows the same story line which is great for building comprehension The story is also very fun The fliporama is a bit tricky. I bought this for my son for part of his birthday box, one read and the pages started falling out almost like they hadn t been bonded together properly From the creator of CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, comes a BRAND NEW out of this world friendship adventure in full colour Having a Mighty Robot as a best friend is great, especially when he can help build a fort But when Ricky s cousin Lucy shows up, she renames the fort a castle and says it needs curtains rats But these are the least of Ricky s worries Nimrod Night Crawler has created a wormhole so he can send his army of evil Night Crawlers to help him take over the world, and Ricky s Robot is trapped in a deep pit Without his Mighty Robot, it s up to Ricky and an unlikely hero to put a stop to this nightmare from Neptune

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