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Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures I wanted to read something challenging to my 6 year old at bedtime, in the hope that she may start to get interested in chapter books She is absolutely in love with this story, it is just fabulous, so much so that both my husband and I stayed in the room at bedtime reading to her for over a week because we also wanted to know what happened next It s funny and deep and complicated and simple all at once There are some huge words but nothing she couldn t grasp We are on our second read through as she wants to hear it all over again We are looking now at the younger books from Kate DiCamillo which she will hopefully read herself This is a must in any child s library. I love this book it s funny it s jolly the squirrel is always thinking something funny or heart warming and even though I don t know what sunny side up eggs are that line is so funny I adore Ulysses he s the cutest character I ve ever read about and wish he was real I highly recommend this book it s a must read for all ages I m not a child any , but I think Kate DiCamillo s books touch readers of all ages I loved the interaction between Flora and the squirrel, the references to the comic books Flora learned from, and the slightly eccentric characters I ve even started reading it to my husband.A great read from a master writer. I love this authot, I was introduced to her work because Ann Patchet raced about her and she is right to An intriguing high energy story with many laugh out loud moments alongside the dryer humour as it deals with love and friendship, the consequences of marital breakdown, and becoming yourself. Warm, funny, quirky and beautiful I absolutely love this story about a girl and her squirrel Please read it Product arrived promptly and exactly as described My 8 year old son loved the story It Begins, As The Best Superhero Stories Do, With A Tragic Accident That Has Unexpected Consequences The Squirrel Never Saw It Coming The Vacuum Cleaner, That Is As For Self Described Cynic Flora Belle Buckman, She Has Read Every Issue Of The Comic Book Terrible Things Can Happen To You So She Is Just The Right Person To Step In And Save Him What Neither Can Predict Is That Ulysses The Squirrel Has Been Born Anew, With Powers Of Strength, Flight And Misspelled Poetry And Flora Will Be Changed Too As She Discovers The Possibility Of Hope And The Promise Of A Capacious Heart From New York Times Bestselling Author Kate DiCamillo Comes A Laugh Out Loud Story Filled With Eccentric, Endearing Characters And Featuring An Exciting New Format A Novel Interspersed With Comic Style Graphic Sequences, Plus Full Page Illustrations, All Rendered In Black And White By A Talented New Artist

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