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Tracks of a Panda (Nature Storybooks) High On A Mist Wrapped Mountain In China, A Mother Panda Holds Her Newborn Cub Gently In Her Giant Paw Through Harsh Winter And Lush Spring, She Must Protect And Care For Him While He Grows And Learns To Walk, Swim, Climb And Feed Himself

4 thoughts on “Tracks of a Panda (Nature Storybooks)

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    My son had a few books from the Nature Storybooks range and seemed to like them, so I tried this one to add to the collection I ve read it once and thats it, he doesn t want it again and he asked me to give it away Its very factual, no story, pictures are lovely but not appealing to young children He is 4 yrs and loves most books, unfortunately not this one.

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    What a beautiful book The illustrations and writing are wonderful It describes the life cycle of a panda and had wonderful facts about pandas along the way I agree with the other reviewer that it would be better for 4.From a teacher s point of view, it is an outstanding resource for laerning about a range of things fact boxes, different cultures, life cycles, different styles

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    My son is 5 and he loves this book You can read the story and you can also read a panda fact on each page It is possible to ignore the facts if you or your children are tired or if you don t want to disturb the flow of the story That s what I did when he was 4 but now he likes to hear the facts too The pictures are lovely It is a bit melancholy in tone as panda has to keep moving

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    I ve bought this book for my daugther, aged 28 months at the time of the purchase She liked the book, although the illustrations and the story were a bit difficult for her I definitely advise this for children over 4 years.

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