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EcoMazes The Marvellous Roxie Munro Is Back With A MAZE Ing Adventures This Time Shes Taking Kids On An Exciting And Informative Journey Through Incredible Ecosystems, From Lush Evergreen Forests To Colourful Coral Reefs, From The Frozen Tundra To Hot Desert Sands And To Make Things Even Fun And Challenging Every Bright And Bold Maze Features Hidden Animals That Belong In That Environment, Including Wolves, Stingrays, Parrots, Crocodiles And A Whole Colony Of Seals The Ecosystems Include Tropical Rainforest Desert Arctic Polar Grasslands Savanna Wetlands Coral Reef Tundra And A Human Habitat A Campground

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    My daughter is 6 years old and loves this book She got this for her birthday and then I bought it to give to other kids for their birthdays For someone who can t focus for long, she spends alot of time with this book, squinting over the pag

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    I love all Roxie Munro s maze books This one is one of our favorites

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