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Church history in plain language updated 4th edition As it says on the cover This book is written in plain language and is quite easy to read I say quite easy because any reference text book it is not meant to be simple It does however contain a very interesting and well written script of church history A huge subject in one volume I purchased this book for revision purposes, specifically for a Church History Exam And it helped me to be able to pass it, as it explain this in modern, understandable english, which is easy to remember and was great support for me It is just as detailed as other perhaps awkward books I completely recommend this to anyone who is studying church history, or if you have an interest in reading about it. A simple look at the history of Christianity, fair though as a catholic I felt that 50% of christian were largely ignored after the reformation but an alternative view was the reason for reading this book. The best, most accessible book on Church history I have every read I ve come away with a fresh appreciation of the people who lived thru these historical periods These were people not just themes and controversies. Very easy to read, plain language and very clear explanation of the church history. Excellent condition Very Good. This Book Takes A Close Look At The Rapid Growth Of Evangelical And Pentecostal Christianity In The Southern Hemisphere, Discusses How Christianity Intersects With Other Religions In Countries All Over The World And So Much

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