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The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid Okay, If You Are Still With Us, Here Is What We Can Share Russell Is A Middle Schooler He Excessively Doodles In His Spiral Notebook He Has Two Best Friends, Charlotte And Preston He Is Not So Great At Sports And He Is Pond Scum Nicknamed Swamp Kid By His Classmates, Russell Has Algae For Hair, A Tree Trunk Of A Right Arm, Webbed Toes, And A Parsnip For A Thumb Also, Russell S Favourite Meal Is Sunlight Also, A Frog Lives In His Arm In This Notebook, Russell Details, In Both Hilarious Text And Green Tinted Illustrations Complete With Ketchup Stains , What It S Like To Be Different, To Be Comfortable In His Own Skin No Matter How Slimy , To Discover His True Talents, To Avoid The Intense Stare Of Mr Finneca His Suspicious Science Teacher , And To Find Humour In The Everyday Weird This Is The Secret Spiral Of Swamp Kid By Writer And Illustrator Kirk Scroggs, And You Ll Never Look At The Bayou The Same Way Again

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    Super fun scientific journal NOT a diary, as Swamp Kid would like you to know I can t recommend highly enough hilarious, strange, fresh, and charming.

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    Quite an amusing little story with amazing drawings and illustrations This book will really spark your imagination.

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    Meet Russell Weinwright, your average half human half swamp creature, just trying to survive the 8th grade with his best friend Charlotte and new pal Prestonalthough Russell s middle school problems include trying to navigate his wonky abilities, getting enough sunlight to eat, dodging his maybe mad scientist teacher, avoid

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    My 9 year old son loves this book He s a fan of similar book like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants and Dog Man so I think kids who like those books are going to really enjoy this book It s a similar style to Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Russell writing his thoughts in this notebook and also doodling My son really loves that

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    The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid by Kirk Scroggs is a graphic novel in the DC Zoom line of books for younger readers.Middle school is tough enough, what with social pressure and mysterious food being served in the cafeteria When you re Russell Weinwright, and half boy, half swamp creature, it s worse With one arm longer than the other,

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    Middle schooler Russell Weinwright is adopted He was found in a swamp and is not entirely human he has a huge arm, vines growing over his body and a frog has taken up residence The odd thing is that he goes to a regular school, has regular friends and regular teachers No one takes too much notice of this Swamp Kid at the start of the book

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    This is one of those times that I wish had stars to give I would give them.This book is an absolute hoot Maybe it s because I live in Louisiana where it takes place and Houma is pronounced Home uh, by the way Maybe it s because the illustrations are amazing Maybe it s because they actually mix real science in with a silly, entertaining story

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