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Fallen Empires (Cleopatra in Space) The Penultimate Installment In Mike Maihack S Thrilling Graphic Novel Series Starring A Young Cleopatra And Her Adventures In Space Cleo Goes Into Hiding After A Mysterious Death At Yasiro Academy, And She And Her Friends Set Out To Uncover The Spy Who Must Be Working Within The School S Ranks Meanwhile, Xaius Octavian Continues His Assault On The Galaxy As His Complicated Origin Story, And How He Went From Being Cleo S Best Friend To A Ruthless Dictator, Is Revealed In The End, A Space Battle And Dramatic Confrontation Between Cleo And Octavian Will Change Both Of Their Lives Forever

5 thoughts on “Fallen Empires (Cleopatra in Space)

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    My 9 year old daughter has read the whole series of these books and absolutely loves them The story lines are action packed with gorgeous illustrations The characters have depth, warmth, and humor, and we especially love the strong female warriors.

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    I absolutely love this series My daughter and I are both enad with Cleopatra and how fun this series is I have loved it from the very beginning It transcends all ages Definitely a fun female protagonist series that the whole family can enjoy A must read.

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    I started reading Cleo when she was a black and white web comic and have followed her through her graphic novel adventures But as much as I loved those stories this one takes it to a whole other level Cleo s power and leadership skills grow but so do the stakes I found myself genuinely afraid for her and her friends Also finally seeing Gozi s full origin story was heart wrenching and made him so

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    Love this entire series My eight year old son did a school project on the first one and has read all of them multiple times Highly recommend for all ages

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    I love this series Mikes art style is beautiful and inspiring for my young budding artist, who also loves this series.

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