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Castle in the Stars: The Knights of Mars What If Man Journeyed Into Space In , Not In The Knights Of Mars, The Third Volume In This Breath Taking Fantasy Graphic Novel Series, Alex Alice Draws On Jules Verne And Nineteenth Century Romanticism To Create A Watercolor World Of Adventure And Wonder To Enchant Adults And Younger Readers AlikeWhen Seraphin, Hans, And Sophie Returned From Their Voyage To The Moon, They Didn T Come Home Empty Handed They Brought With Them Aetherite, A Miraculous Substance That Defies Gravity To Keep Their Secret Safe From The Prussians, The Trio Lives In Hiding On A Remote Island In Brittany Meanwhile, Seraphin S Father Has Founded The International Society Of Aether, A Group Of Scientists Dedicated To The Peaceful Pursuit Of Space Exploration But On The Eve Of Their Inaugural Meeting, He Vanishes Without A Trace The Knights Of Aether S Last Hope Lies In A Daring Rescue Of King Ludwig And Professor Dulac They Will Find Them On The Farthest Outskirts Of The Prussian Empire The Planet Mars After adventures on the Moon, Hans, Sophie,and Seraphin are hiding out at a remote Breton village while Seraphin s father went to England to set up a scholarly society for the exploration space But the Prussians will not be denied, so a kidnapping is arranged along with a trip to Mars After the Prussians came calling, the trio took off for Mars with the former Chamberlain of Bavaria as a guide Unknowingly, there was also a stowaway that changed their plans at the last moment Looking forward to the next installment On time as described After a successful trip to the moon except for losing King Ludwig, who may have been transported to Mars , our heroes Seraphin, Hans, and Sophie return to Earth Their next plan is to fix up the ship and have Seraphin s father, Professor Dulac, form an International Society of Aether The society will establish peaceful exploration and settling of the other planets without nationalistic claims bringing war into space It s a great ambition but the meeting is sabotaged Dulac disappears and the Prussians put a lot of effort into finding his ship The kids have the ship on an island off the coast of Brittany When the Prussians show up, they are forced to leave for Mars in the professor s ship The Prussians have already sent a warship to Mars A warship that hasn t reported back and is long overdue.Maybe Mars already has some locals itching for a fight The story is interesting and the art is delightful I can t wait for the next issue.Highly recommended.

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